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Sandwich cake

Are you looking for an easy dish to prepare, that serves you incoming and you of the opportunity to use almost anything that you have in your fridge or in the pantry? Then you cannot miss these different recipes cake sandwich. I let all the guests awed and sure will want to know your secret!

Sandwich cake Dessert Yummy and tasty food Recipe in english

N ° 1 of sandwich cake recipe:

It is ideal for cool summer days, sharing in a picnic with the family, for a birthday or for when you have no desire to cook.

The ingredients needed are:

1 package of sliced white bread (you can buy at a bakery or market)
3 hard-boiled eggs
50 grams of olives without bone
Half lettuce
2 cans of tuna natural (if in oil that they are well drained)
1 bowl of mayonnaise
100 grams of chicken, ham or luncheon meat

Steps to follow for sandwich cake:

1 - placed on a tray one of the loaves, which will be the base.
2 - in a bowl put eggs cooked and well fine, cut the lettuce cut into julienne, tuna, chicken or ham, finely cut and olives.
3 - when everything is well mixed, spread half over the bread making base and spread with mayonnaise.
4 - put the second loaf and over pour the other half of the filling, also smearing mayonnaise at the end (another idea is also to spread the mayonnaise on the bread before placing it in the sandwich).
5 - it is time to put the third and last bread, i.e. the cover.
6 - smeared with mayonnaise so that the filling is not. You can also use cream.
7 - garnish with olives, grated carrot, cut egg, tomato, lettuce or what you like.
8 - leads to the refrigerator at least two hours and removed only at the time of serving.

Sandwich cake Dessert Yummy and tasty food Recipe in english

N ° 2 of sandwich cake recipe:

This option is similar to the previous one, that change are some of the ingredients. This dish will be ready in less than half an hour and it is very simple.

Ingredients you'll need:

12 slices of bread without crust
1 can of pâté de foie gras
100 grams of cooked ham
2 hard-cooked eggs
1 tin of bonito, tuna in oil
1 Terrine of cheese Philadelphia
100 ml mayonnaise
100 grams of roquefort cheese
gherkins, capers and lettuce to taste, to decorate.

Steps to follow:

1 - place three slices of bread one next to each other and spread with pate (remember to have it at room temperature to make it easier).
2 - pica cooked ham and eggs and mix with 2 tablespoons of the cheese Philadelphia. Pour on top of the pate.
3 - place three slices of bread on top of the mixture, to the second floor.
4 - Philadelphia cheese spread and then in a bowl combine tuna with mayonnaise, and put it all over.
5 - put the following three slices of bread and place cheese roquefort mixed with a bit of cheese Philadelphia. (remember beat well so that no lumps and remains as a paste).
6 - top with the last three slices of bread and cover with mayonnaise.
7 - garnished with capers, olives, pickles, lettuce, or whatever you want.
8 - take it to the refrigerator for at least two hours and serves.

N ° 3 of sandwich cake recipe:

Sandwich cake Dessert Yummy and tasty food Recipe in english

The ingredients needed are:

18 slices of bread without crust
required amount of mayonnaise
1 can of mushrooms
6 lettuce leaves
250 grams of smoked salmon
3 cans of tuna

The steps to prepare this cake sandwich are:

1 - place six slices of bread and spread with mayonnaise.
2 - spread the lettuce leaves previously washed and drained, cut well.
3 - Add the mushrooms (another option are asparagus).
4 - places a layer with six slices of bread and spread with mayonnaise again.
5 - put the crumbled tuna and then four boiled eggs, sliced.
6 - place the last layer of bread, put the slices of salmon and two chopped boiled eggs.
7 - take to the fridge three hours covered with film.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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