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What makeup to use according to the color of hair?

Depending on the tone of hair you have, a color, or type of makeup will be best in your face. You know in this article what are the best options taking into account your hair. What makeup to use according to the color of hair? Keep reading.

What makeup to use according to the color of hair?Blonde hair Grey hair Black hair Brown hair Red hair

1-Blonde hair:

If you have blonde hair like the Sun (or a tone clear), could be said that there is one rule to respect how much to make-up is concerned. Everything can change according to, for example, if you have blue, green or brown eyes. What if, you remember that little or much makeup will make you look misaligned.
First, well determines your hair color, whether natural or dye. The Platinum plated blond hair favour those having fair complexion. Usually blondes should use a makeup beige or sand to avoid being so pale. Concealers and bases will be your allies if you you want to look perfect, in addition to helping conceal imperfections.
As for the eyes, will be those who need to make a difference. If you have green or blue/blue eyes, looking for shadows color eggplant or vanilla. You outline with black or dark brown. If you have brown eyes or honey, try gold, light green or vanilla. The mascara never can miss you, can be black or brown. And don't forget the eyebrows! To shape, if you dye you hair, remember to do the same with this area of the face.
You can use blushers peach or pink for cheeks, if you have complexion very clear. If you are Tan or Brown, you are a darker shade. Lips: soft shines (pink, coral, etc) for the white skin or for the day. For the night, Orange, red or pink. Avoid colors very strong, Gothic or the pastel shiny for any part of the face.

2-Red hair:

If you have this hair, do not believe that they will be missing you alternatives to makeup. Quite the opposite! The key is to focus on the tone of the hair but not leave out the skin or eyes. There are different types of redheads, if you're rather Orange hair is one thing and whether it is more mahogany, something completely different. It will also depend on your skin tone and if it is natural or dyed.
If the Ginger is natural, then you will have freckles. Do not want to cover them because that could worsen your look. It is best to use a thin layer of liquid concealer or moisturizers with color. If you have colored you a dark red, avoid Brown bases or oranges.
Makeup eyes according to its color. Remember always to delineate and apply neutral shade. If you want your hair to be the Center of attention, use earth tones. For the night, purple, lavender, or copper. Keep well defined eyebrows, especially if you have short hair.
Cheeks can make up with Rouge cream peach, coral or pink. If you have a tone more moreno, use pink or violet. The lipstick always clear for the day and night can encourage you to Plum, magenta, red, and Fuchsia. Prevents the Orange and the pink very clear, as well as Brown masks or the gray and black.

What makeup to use according to the color of hair?Blonde hair Grey hair Black hair Brown hair Red hair

3-Brown hair:

Arguably are the most lucky of all, because the vast majority of the makeup they are wonders. Anything, first defines what type of chestnut are: Ash tone or neutral (cold) or with (warm) Golden touches. The skin may be lighter or darker, it must also pay attention to this point.
As a first step, choose a beige or pink base. In terms of makeup for eyes, it will depend on if you're cold or warm type. Women of light eyes to feel them better tones violet, blue, vanilla. Color honey, best coffee, green or gold. Delineated "cat eye" is perfect. Remember to keep in good condition eyebrows.
Clear cheeks go wonders with the blushes of Orange, Brown and peach. And in the lips, gold glitters as pink or salmon (day), Scarlet and orange (night). Dark cheeks must use flushes to the lips, red, Fuchsia and wine and roses. Avoid everything which does not combine with your eyes or your skin. Not makeup lips and eyes with the same tone.

4-Black hair:

They just need a makeover just highlighting her features. It is preferable to soften the face and pay more attention to the care of the skin. The Foundation is very important. If you're too white, choose shades of pink or beige to not see you pale. If you're Brown or Tan, use powder Illuminators, for example.
As for the eyes, be in color, but always chooses tones clear and delineated prolix. If you are blue or green, it prefers grey, vanilla, black or brown. If they are dark, best chocolate, mauve, beige or green. Attention with the eyebrows, not marques them with pencils dark if you have white skin.
The perfect color for your cheeks is pink. For the shiny pink lips, cherry, red, Fuchsia, and Burgundy. It avoids the heavy make-up for the eyes or delineated thicknesses, also shadows Fuchsia, yellow, or Green apples.

What makeup to use according to the color of hair?Blonde hair Grey hair Black hair Brown hair Red hair

5-Grey hair:

If you don't want to cover gray hair, you can learn also how makeup to highlight your qualities. Illuminators used so that your skin is not turned off, a light base, carries the same shades of shadow on the eyes that you used before. You can use blue or lead for evening events or grey, green and Brown for the day.
For the cheeks, pink or Peach. For the lips, red, magenta, and wine. Avoid Sub floors with ash tones or carry very tanned skin.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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