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Soft, dark hair with rosemary oil

To look smooth, with a deep dark hair, no need to invest a lot of money on expensive chemical treatments, which can generate harmful effects to our hair long. One of the best ways to care for the health of the hair and prevent the early onset of reeds is the infusion or Rosemary essential oil.
Rosemary has been used since antiquity in gastronomy and also with different medicinal uses. Rather than being good for health, we found that Rosemary is a good ally of beauty, since it has properties that promote the health of the hair giving it a very special glow, avoiding the fall and annoying rods that are a sign of age.

Soft, dark hair with rosemary oil reduce hair loss dandruff

1-Is Rosemary for hair good why?

Rosemary is a shrub of Mediterranean origin, known for their revitalising and antiseptic, properties that stimulate the hair roots, avoiding problems such as the fall and promoting its growth. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and thanks to this our hair looks healthy and silky, it has also shown very effective to darken it, so it is ideal to deepen hair brown or black, thus avoiding the appearance of canes.
Traditional ways to use Rosemary for hair, is through its essential oil or its infusion; the application form is different and can be included in different treatments for the hair.

2-How to use rosemary oil for hair?

Experts recommend applying the Rosemary essential oil combined with other types of oil, as for instance almond, olive or coconut. The reason why is not recommended to apply directly to hair is because it's very strong and could have side effects. You can also add in shampoo or conditioner to make their properties with each rinse.
If you've chosen to mix the essential oil of Rosemary with another of the good oils for hair, ideally apply it well all over the scalp and hair, making gentle circular massage. Leave to act for 20 minutes and past this time removed with cold water.

Soft, dark hair with rosemary oil reduce hair loss dandruff

3-Treatment to prevent and reduce hair loss:

Rosemary essential oil has properties that help to combat the excessive hair loss, since its use stimulates the hair follicles and prevents premature aging. This treatment combines all the properties of Rosemary to combat and prevent the abnormal hair loss, as well as help combat problems such as dandruff.


5 drops of Rosemary essential oil
2 sprigs of dried Rosemary
olive oil

What should you do?

Heat the olive oil and mix with remaining ingredients in a bowl of dark glass. Allow mixture to stand until the oil is warm and then apply for all scalp and hair, wrapping a hot towel on his head. Leave the oil for half an hour and remove it with cold water.

4-Treatment to soften and darken hair:

Rosemary is an ideal plant to prevent and combat the appearance of premature graying, since it has properties that help to deepen the dark tones. Not recommended for light hair, precisely because you can darken it.


4 tablespoons of Rosemary
10 drops of Rosemary essential oil
liter of water

What should you do?

In a pot you should put to boil the water and once you are boiling point is added the four tablespoons of Rosemary and 10 drops of essential oil. Stops to fire slow another two minutes, then removed and let stand until lukewarm. Once list slipped and used the resultant water as a final rinse of the hair. After rinsing the hair with this water, a couple of minutes you must comb through and dries. Treatment is applied for 5 days in a row and should be left to rest two hair.

Soft, dark hair with rosemary oil reduce hair loss dandruff


The essential oil of Rosemary should not be used during pregnancy or lactation; neither is recommended for people with epilepsy. For increased safety is recommended consult with an expert before using the essential oil of Rosemary as a treatment for the hair. Remember that to be a natural treatment results may take a little more, so you should apply it frequently.
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