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6 healthy drinks to naturally purify the blood

The blood can become contaminated by different issues: accumulation of toxins due to the poor functioning of the organs debuggers such as the kidneys, liver and intestines, a bad food rich in fats and toxic substances, or pollution, among others. When our body accumulates toxic substances and wastes, these pass into the bloodstream looking be eliminated through the skin. In this way, the problems of acne that some individuals have a direct relationship with the toxemia.
If blood fails to purge despite the evacuation through the skin, internal contamination persists and is then when develop chronic internal problems and diseases as overweight. For this reason, it is very important to contribute to the blood purification through natural treatments which support the process of detoxification and cleaning.
The juices of fruits and vegetables, as well as infusions, are a great support for blood cleansing and elimination of toxins from our body. You then share the best drinks to naturally purify the blood and prevent diseases by accumulation of toxins.

6 healthy drinks to naturally purify the blood Chronic stress Prevent diseases liver and kidneys

1-Beet juice:

Beets or beet juice is one of the best options for debugging blood naturally and without that it cost us much. This juice is made with beet and leaves of beets, resulting in a potent drink sewage and Reconstructive of blood.


2 beets.
Beet leaves.

How to prepare it?

Very well wash the beets and their leaves and check that are completely clean. Dry them and cut the beets in such a way that they fit extractor into juice or blender. Enter the pieces into a blender, add the leaves of sugar beet, a little water to facilitate the blending and whisk for a couple of minutes. Consumed this juice, preferably on an empty stomach.

2-Garlic and red wine drink:

This powerful drink is ideal for activating the metabolism and reduce body fat. In addition, it helps eliminate excess salt in the body and makes a great contribution to the purification of the blood.

6 healthy drinks to naturally purify the blood Chronic stress Prevent diseases liver and kidneys


12 teeth garlic.
liter of red wine.

How to prepare it?

Cut the 12 cloves of garlic into pieces and place it in a glass with half a liter of red wine bottle. Close the jar tightly and place it next to the window or somewhere where give direct sunlight for two weeks.
Past the recommended time, filters the contents of the bottle and pour it into another glass container. He takes a spoonful of this drink three times a day during a month.

3-Green juice to clean the blood:

This juice Green is ideal for stimulating the Elimination of toxins and impurities that may be present in the torrent blood. In addition to this, its consumption is also recommended to activate the metabolism and lose weight.


A handful of spinach.
3 stems of chard.
2 blocks.
A handful of parsley.
1 lemon.
1 cucumber.

How to prepare it?

All the ingredients are introduced into the Blender, beaten a few seconds and consumed well cool milkshake to take advantage of all its properties.

4-Infusion of burdock (Arctium lappa):

Burdock is a very powerful purifying plant that helps clean the blood and the lymphatic system. The consumption of its infusion is recommended to decrease congestion and swelling, eliminate toxins through the urine or skin and remove the excess of uric acid in our bodies. Their properties are so effective is also recommended in cases of problems such as arthritis, sciatica, gout, skin rashes, acne, blood acidity, edemas, kidney stones, or liver, among other problems.

5-Infusion of dandelion:

The infusion of dandelion is one of the most popular cleansing drinks due to its effectiveness. It is ideal to combat fluid retention and eliminate toxins and wastes that accumulate in our body and that can pass into the bloodstream. This infusion is completely safe and effective to clean the blood of all the toxins that may have accumulated.

6 healthy drinks to naturally purify the blood Chronic stress Prevent diseases liver and kidneys

6-Nettle infusion:

Another excellent depurative infusion to naturally detoxify the blood and eliminate toxic substances that may affect our health. It is diuretic and is also used to treat disorders of the liver and kidneys.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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