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Ghassoul, more natural shampoo

There are people who have delicate hair with split ends, Seborrhea or dandruff, and who are usually looking for shampoos that are not so aggressive with your scalp and respect its natural pH. There are also people who simply seek economic and natural ways to take care of your body.
For all we know the ghassoul or rhassoul, a natural clay from Morocco that has the property to clean our hair, treat its imbalances and naturally regulate the excesses of grease or dryness. In addition, it brings softness, shine and volume, and get space more and more washings.

Ghassoul, more natural shampoo Removes dandruff combat hair loss dry hair Online store  rhassoul

1-What is the ghassoul?

The ghassoul or rhassoul is a clay from Morocco which has been used traditionally in this country thanks to its numerous properties in the skin and hair.
This natural product is rich in minerals such as Silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium or potassium.

2-Advantages of the ghassoul:

It has a high absorption capacity of the grease and dirt which, however, does not alter the natural pH of our scalp and hair.
It does not contain harmful substances from chemical shampoos, such as surfactants, additives, heavy metals, Parabens, etc.
It adds shine, softness and volume to your hair.
Gradually Removes dandruff
It prevents hair dryness and split ends.
You don't need to use conditioner or mask, since the same ghassoul leaves hair soft and moisturized.
With the passage of time reduces the need to wash your hair often, since increasingly it stays clean and naturally regulates the amount of sebum.
In addition, we can use it to exfoliate your body and even to prepare masks for skin.

Ghassoul, more natural shampoo Removes dandruff combat hair loss dry hair Online store  rhassoul

3-How is it used?

The ghassoul is usually achieved in the form of dust or pieces of clay that you will have to mix with a little hot water using a spoon of wood (never metal) to dissolve it, until a creamy paste that is sufficiently hydrated but that is not too liquid. You must have a consistency similar to that of a cream or mask so that we can apply it correctly.
We will wait a few minutes until it should be lukewarm.
We get our hair wet and the ghassoul will apply in the same way that you would with shampoo, but massaging gently. We should not wait to come out foam, since this is only a result of detergent chemicals added to shampoos. Cleaning will be equally effective even without foaming.
We will leave two minutes and clarify abundantly with water.
If we want to give still more shine our hair, we will do a final rinse with a homemade mixture of organic apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts. The vinegar smell will disappear when the hair is dry.

4-For dry hair:

If our hair is excessively dry or brittle or open ends we already have, we will apply a few drops of coconut oil on hair still wet, the most natural way to nurture our hair after washing.

5-For a shampoo scented:

Like many people that the shampoo also aromatize your hair. In this case, the ghassoul does not contain any smell naturally, but yes that we provide is it added a few drops of essential oils, which in addition will also have other properties. We recommend the following:
Lemon: for clean the excess fat
Orange or tangerine: to give a delicious aroma
Mint: to provide freshness
Romero: for combat hair loss
Lavender: to relieve tension and aching roots
Once you have prepared the mixture as hydrated will add only three drops of essential oil, which must be of quality.

Ghassoul, more natural shampoo Removes dandruff combat hair loss dry hair Online store  rhassoul

Where do you get?

The ghassoul is not yet a product well known in many countries, although we will be able to achieve this Moroccan food stores, health food stores or online.
Today also we find shampoos or other beauty products that include the ghassoul among its ingredients.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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