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How to hide the white hairs home-made way

White or lighter hair appearing in both men and women after age 40 are not very "nice" because, for many, show the passage of time and the entrance to the elderly. If just the first gray strands are appearing you, feel free to read this article, to know how to hide gray hair's way home.

How to hide the white hairs home-made way sign of aging  gray hair natural herbs

1-Why leave the canes?

They are a clear sign of aging, although there are cases of young people who have gray before age 35. They are noticed more that have dark hair like wrinkles, looking under all the media avoid them or hide them. Although it is inevitable that the hair is white in its entirety, it is possible to delay his appearance with some home remedies, as well as to use natural dyes to cover gray hair.
The root cause so that the hair is white is the passage of time. The age in which appear the first rods depends, according to experts, the maternal genes. Therefore, if our mother had many rods at an early age, it is likely that we also have them at 40 (or before). The reason is the lack of melanin, the component that gives color to the hair. Factors such as stress or take a not-so-healthy lifestyle can contribute to having more rods or occur earlier than normal. Also said that the intake of many sugars and refined flour is another cause, although this is not fully confirmed.
Women suffer more than men because of the reeds and, in addition, females appear them before which the male. What happens is that most of them cover them in one way or another.

2-Remedies to delay the onset of rods:

Thanks to these homemade recipes you can improve the appearance of your hair, slowing loss of staining of the strands. You can also moisturize and strengthen the hair. If you have premature graying, the heredity has much to do (as said above), although the lack of iodine and copper may be behind your problem. Eat more nuts, whole grains, beans, avocados and peas. It reduces the intake of alcohol and stop smoking. However, the best home remedies to have rods are:


It is a recommended herb for those who have brown hair. Sage has many properties and applications. Make an infusion with a handful of Sage and other black tea between litre distilled to boiling water. Let it cool and use as a final rinse to wash your head.


If you have dark hair, you can take advantage of the infusion of rosemary to cover the reeds. Performs a tea with four tablespoons of rosemary by half a liter of water. You also will serve to strengthen the roots and improve the appearance of the scalp. You can use a diffuser to spray around the hair. Over a period of days and the daily application, the tone of the hair will be darkening.

3.Chamomile and turmeric:

These two options are for blond or light brown hair. Using an infusion with both you can you have golden reflections and hide gray hair. Mix four tablespoons of Chamomile in half a litre of water, filtered and used as a final rinse. If you want to turn your hair have a tone more color honey, tea add 2 tbsp of turmeric powder.

How to hide the white hairs home-made way sign of aging  gray hair natural herbs

4.Avocado, argan oil or coconut oil:

These three allies indispensable to the hair can help delay the onset of gray hair. The oily components also moisturize the hair. You can mix the three ingredients to make a mask. Cover the hair with a warm towel, let stand 20 minutes, and rinse with plenty of hot water.


Magnolia tea is very good to hide gray hair. Simply mix one tablespoon in one cup of hot water. Later screen when it has cooled down and once the hair is clean, pour the infusion. It will darken gray hair and will give the hair a more even tone.

3-Homemade recipes to hide gray hair:

In addition to the natural remedies listed earlier, can take advantage of the benefits of these recipes with ingredients that you have at home or you can get without problems:

1.Walnut, walnut, egg and Rosemary recipe:

You will need 2 sheets of walnut, 5 crushed walnuts, 1 egg shell and a handful of Rosemary. Mix everything and form a paste, with which you'll make a mask. Leave to act an hour. Repeat once a week and rinse with plenty of water.

2.Sage and Rosemary recipe:

Precise three tablespoons each of these herbs, fresh is best. And also a cup of water boiling. Mix well and let stand for ten minutes. Strain and applied on the hair as final rinse, do not wash after.

How to hide the white hairs home-made way sign of aging  gray hair natural herbs

3.Henna with lemon juice recipe:

The ingredients are three tablespoons of henna powder and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix well, achieving a consistent paste. Applied and covered with a cap or plastic bag. You should leave three hours, then rinse. The henna leaves hair with a reddish tone if the process is repeated several times.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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