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How to make rice water facial tonic

Today will talk about the water of rice. Have any of you heard about your benefits? Well, if you have heard something about rice water, perhaps in our article to discover more about it and if you have not heard anything, we invite you to be disposal on the issue. Many people who have used the water of rice say that it is an extraordinary anti-aging natural lotion; Rice water is also known as one of the greatest secrets of beauty of the skin in Asian women, apart from that it is very easy to prepare and very economic.

How to make rice water facial tonic  clean your skin blackheads combat acne prevent aging dead cells

1-Benefits of rice water:

Use rice water as a facial toner can gently clean your skin, remove impurities such as blackheads, combat acne and excess of brightness in the face. This tonic is hypoallergenic, thus helps to soothe irritation.
Rice water also contains inositol, which helps the growth of cells and encourages the flow of blood; This helps to reduce the appearance of pores and gives it much more vitality to your face.
Rice water facial tonic also helps remove stains on the skin caused by the Sun and hormonal changes, because it acts as a natural astringent, is rich in niacin (vitamin B3), which has a bleaching effect on the skin without side-effects.
For those who suffer from the disorder known as rosacea skin, this tonic is ideal to soothe irritations and soften the skin.

2-How to prepare rice water facial tonic?

As we already mentioned, tonic water of rice is very easy to prepare and is very economical, since it is made with ingredients that generally we have easily at home. The only thing you need to prepare the rice water tonic is:
A container appropriate to mix rice and water; He is recommended that you have a lid.
Half a cup of rice; organic rice is recommended.
A glass of water; It is recommended that it is distilled water.
A colander or strainer.

How to make rice water facial tonic  clean your skin blackheads combat acne prevent aging dead cells

What should you do?

Taking you need to prepare it, you should proceed to mix the water and rice in the bowl, then cover it and let it stand overnight. After this time you must BREW content.
Another way to prepare it is boiling rice in water, after having boiled, strain the liquid and get exactly the same result.
The mixture can reach friendships you form between a week or two if the reserves in a suitable location.
To apply the tonic must take some cotton, submerge it in the water of rice and overlook it all over your face and if you want around your neck; This will benefit your skin, will make it look more soft, luminous and grease-free.

Other uses:

This tonic based on rice water can also be used on the hair. Many people who have used it, ensure that it gives you a unique shine and unparalleled softness. Apply after washing you hair and leaves the tonic for a couple of minutes, then rinse it.

How to make rice water facial tonic  clean your skin blackheads combat acne prevent aging dead cells


To enhance the effects of tonic water of rice, remember that you should clean very well your skin daily and remove excess makeup.
Try to perform an exfoliation regularly to promote the Elimination of dead cells and those impurities that could affect the health of the skin.
Tonic water of rice can become our best ally to prevent premature skin aging, provided we complement it with a healthy diet, physical activity and healthy habits that are key to staying young for longer.
Don't forget that to obtain favorable results with this powerful facial tonic, you must apply it frequently, previously cleaning your skin.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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