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10 foods that burn fat

Food is one of the keys to maintaining a balanced weight and good health. When we take a healthy diet, we are providing our body all the nutrients it needs to function properly and to avoid a large number of diseases.
It is said that there is a large amount of food "burning fat" that can help us to maintain our weight well regulated. When you say "burning fat" we can begin to think that can make us lose much weight, but what is certain is that they only contribute to a good digestion, activate the metabolism and prevent fluid retention.
The idea of including more food "burning fat" in the diet, is to be able to stimulate our metabolism to help us to burn the fats we eat through other foods. We recall that are not treated food "miraculous", these contribute to lose weight, always and when adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise, among other habits. Taking clear all of this, we invite you to discover the best 10 foods that burn fat.

10 foods that burn fat healthy diet metabolism exercise cholesterol

1-Bitter chocolate:

The chocolate is full of health properties, as it is characterized for being rich in antioxidants and other good components for our body. The dark chocolate in particular, contains no sugar and is rich in monounsaturated fats that help to feel satiety for longer.


Quinoa is known for being rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E. These properties make it a food very powerful fat burning, which has become quite famous in recent years thanks to all its proteins. Quinoa grains are mixed with vegetables, nuts, and lean proteins.


Green leafy vegetables are ideal to burn fat and lose weight. However, lettuce is a diuretic food that contains iron and lots of fibers, making it an ideal product for these purposes.


The peppers - also known in the market as chiles-, are considered the best spices to burn fat and lose weight. Red pepper and cayenne pepper to represent a source rich in vitamin C, even greater than oranges and lemons. In addition, they are antioxidants and improve the rate of metabolism, which is key to burn fat.

10 foods that burn fat healthy diet metabolism exercise cholesterol


Grapefruit - also known as grapefruit-, is a rich carbohydrate source and is composed by 90% by water. This delicious fruit is recommended to burn fat, because citric acid has a slimming effect. In addition to this, the grapefruit is also good to regulate cholesterol and cure colds and flu.


It is one of the most powerful foods that we can find to burn fats, activate the metabolism and have better digestion. It is characterized for being rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein. In addition, it also contains unsaturated fats and micro nutrients that provide energy for the day to day.

7-Vegetables soups:

Soups can become the best allies for fat-burning, calm the appetite and avoid the consumption of other dishes full of calories. Include more soups vegetables in the diet helps to replace other fatty foods, as well as providing us with the benefits of low-calorie vegetables.


Walnuts have become very famous for its high content of vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins of vegetable origin, fiber and many antioxidants. Consume nuts in moderation can help lose weight, in addition to improving the levels of bad cholesterol that can affect health.


The fish is one of the best and healthiest protein sources that we can find. A food is strips, thanks to its content of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is considered to be good fat for our organism. Among the lean to include dietary fish we can find: flounder, hake, fresh cod, squid, the panga, haddock and herring.

10 foods that burn fat healthy diet metabolism exercise cholesterol

10-Onion and garlic:

The onion and garlic have very similar properties, because both have the ability to activate the metabolism and contribute to fat burning. Garlic and onion activates the circulation, are purifying, help control blood sugar levels, are anti-inflammatory and, in general, contribute to better digestion and cleaning of the body.
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