Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get your own depilatory wax at home

Today there are many hair removal methods that allow us to get rid of the annoying hair that grows in certain areas of our body and that is not very good aesthetically. Depilatory creams, hair removal with wax, blades, laser hair removal and many other alternatives have become very popular in the hair removal that both disturbs us. However, these methods tend to be very expensive or irritating sometimes, so many seek a different option for epilating. Would you like to make your own homemade depilatory wax?

Get your own depilatory wax at home hair removal advantages

1-Natural depilation with sugar:

Sugar is a very famous technique that has become very popular in recent years, since it is one of the best alternatives to achieve a perfect depilation. This technique is used since ancient times in the Middle East and with the passage of the years has become very famous in the world.
One of the main reasons why sugar wax has become quite popular, is because it uses natural ingredients without additives, as well as help us to remove the hair, it also supports the health of the skin. But also, those who have tried it say that they feel less pain than with other methods of hair removal, and in addition to this, also it is a very economical method.

How to prepare sugar at home hair removal wax?

Prepare sugar at home hair removal wax is quite simple and the best thing is that it will not take long. With the resulting wax we can shave legs, under arms, eyebrows and even the delicate zone of the bikini, which must be shaved very carefully precisely for being so delicate.

Get your own depilatory wax at home hair removal advantages


2 cups of sugar.
3 tablespoons lemon juice.
3 tablespoons of water.


The preparation of sugar depilatory wax is very similar to when you prepare a syrup to add to any dessert, with the difference that should not be left us very dense. They must add the ingredients to a pot and put them over medium-high heat until it begins to boil, while stirring constantly. Once begin to boil, lowers fire and stops a few minutes until desired texture is achieved by the pasta.
To find out if the wax is ready you can look very well in its color, taking into account that will be perfect when lightly browned and not with a dark tone. It is possible that if you spend time sugar burn. Once you're sure the pasta is ready, let it rest in a cool place at a not-very-low temperature because it can harden too.
When you review the paste and has a sticky consistency, it is now ready for use.

How should I apply sugar wax?

Before applying depilatory wax, it is very important that you clean the area to be removed so that the wax stick better to the skin. It is also good that wall you a little oil of almonds on hand so not sticking you much wax. When you're already ready, applies wax away from hair, press the fabric and similarly performed pull to remove the hairs.
As a result, you'll have a soft, smooth and hair-free skin. The more you practice the method, the better results you will have.

Get your own depilatory wax at home hair removal advantages

2-What are the advantages of making my own homemade depilatory wax?

Although beeswax is a very famous and effective procedure, this type of hair removal offers us some advantages of depilation with beeswax non.
Since it applies to body temperature there is no risk of burning the skin.
Does not produce allergic reactions in the skin or skin irritation.
Reduces the risk of developing internal hair, i.e. one of the cause of the annoying cysts in the skin.
It is especially recommended for women with dry skin, since it provides an extra softness.
It does not adhere completely to the skin and is easy to remove with water.
Most of the ingredients we have at home and they are fairly inexpensive.
Do not use chemicals or compounds that cause skin irritation or adverse reactions.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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