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Restore your hormones to burn body fat

Not everyone knows it, but there is a great relationship between the hormone and weight or grease. Therefore, that some people for more than that make many diets and kill at the gym may not reduce a single gram or centimeter. Find out how reset your hormones and burn fat in specific parts of the body in the following article and stop suffering by being overweight.
Not just the hormones are responsible for direct from your weight, but also metabolism. That is, the place where stored fat, the desire to eat and hunger. Before any hormonal imbalance that you present, your weight loss efforts will be in vain.
Perhaps think stop eating fast food and jogging for half an hour is enough to lose weight, however, it seems that there is someone or something else interfering with your work. Then remember that if hormones are balanced, you can never have body that both want.

Restore your hormones to burn body fat Belly Buttocks Back Foods What to eat

1-Hormone restoration, to the dock:

It is good to know the basics in relation to hormones, which surely have heard of them. Well, it's biochemical substances produced by the body to make it work as an orchestra. They are an essential part so that we can obtain energy, combat stress and maintain muscle mass, but also accumulate fat.
Therefore for example, that many women at some stage of its want to eat and eat or when they are pregnant have cravings. Then, by balancing the hormones you will have more success in your goal of enjoying a happy, energetic life and overweight.
As a first step, it is necessary to detoxify the body, remove everything that does hurt and you are filled with toxins. Foods with more negative ingredients are the most "addictive", why it is that you you are more eager to eat a packet of potato chips than an Apple. Then, start stop using them. It may be difficult at the beginning, the effort requires at least three weeks. But the good news is that the results are wonderful. The diet can influence enough how it intoxicated or you desintoxicas your body.

Restore your hormones to burn body fat Belly Buttocks Back Foods What to eat

2-What to eat and what not to eat to balance your hormones:

Stay away from all those foods with a high glycemic index, because they are those who encourage to cravings and eating unfortunately. Eliminate from your diet (i.e. reduces intake) the carbohydrates and refined sugars (bread, rice, pasta, pastries, all white and very sweet), as well as also the food processed with many preservatives and additives.
On the opposite sidewalk are foods if you can eat if you want to not only lose weight but also feel better health. Low glycemic index are ones that keep your hormones balanced, impacting positively on your body and your skin, for example.
Foods that give you a good amount of fibers such as bananas, raisins, artichokes, oats, nuts and beans will help you to improve the condition of your digestive system. Don't forget to drink two liters of water per day (can be up to three in the summer) to increase the metabolism and give the body the necessary liquid to remove toxins through the urine and perspiration.

Restore your hormones to burn body fat Belly Buttocks Back Foods What to eat

3-Foods to reduce each area of the body:

It is true that some parts of the body are more difficult to lose weight than others, it all depends on the person and habits, but also, of the already known "hormones". Anyone with a big production of estrogen (female) hormones, for example, will have larger thighs and hips. Then, for each area of the body, a balance for a specific hormone treatment:


If you have bulging belly is not only due to that you are eating much or not evacuas correctly. The accumulated fat in the stomach is also due to the excess of the hormone cortisol, (known as the stress hormone). For this reason is that employees who spend many hours under pressure tend to store fat in this area.
One of the natural remedies to lower belly is purple basil, an herb native to India that reduces cortisol levels. Other alternatives are spinach, citrus, barley, beans and nuts.


If you are accumulating fat in the back and the upper part of the trunk (something that is not as common but can occur), because your insulin levels are elevated. Foods that reduce this amount are those who possess linoleic acid such as yogurt, meat (lean), whole grains and green vegetables.


One of the nightmares of the women, although it is true that they also like to have a back beautiful, but without exaggeration. If you are accumulating more fat in this area, as mentioned before, is due to a large production of estrogen. To counter these effects, consumed vegetable belonging to the Cruciferae group as it is the case of cauliflower or broccoli, rich in phytochemicals that neutralizes the hormone that is wreaking havoc on your buttocks. Other options include share, flax and sesame seeds, red grapes and pomegranates.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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