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How to use and prepare onion juice to re-grow hair and prevent its fall

Thousands of people around the world suffer from alopecia, i.e. hair loss. Hundreds suffer on a daily basis when the hair does not grow them or is very thin and brittle. A good home remedy to avoid these situations is the juice of onion. Learn more in the following article.

How to use and prepare onion juice to re-grow hair and prevent its fall alopecia weakness of hair growth of hair

1-Fall and weakness of hair:

Although losing between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day is considered normal, alopecia has become a problem and cause of consultation in the health for millions of people. There are many reasons why hair falls as, for example, stress and lack of proteins and vitamins by an inadequate diet.
The hair loss can affect the self-esteem of people and everything becomes a 'vicious circle', since greater concern and depression, more threads come from the scalp. There are many natural remedies to prevent alopecia and hair brittle and fragile. One of the most effective is the onion.

2-Onion for hair loss:

It is a safe, effective, natural method without side effects (apart from the smell of onion in the head) or allergies, allowing to prevent the loss of hair and, at the same time, promote growth. This means that hair not only will not fall off, but it will grow fast and strong.
You don't have to resort to invasive, costly methods or chemicals that damage the skin of the scalp and leave horrible hair that you still have. The Onion is a vegetable with many properties and, in this case will make it applied on several occasions, "patches" caused by baldness disappear and instead begin to see young strands.
It is good to keep in mind that the onion is not a miraculous and magical element and that, for results, we must also treat the cause of alopecia. Therefore, eat healthy and varied, tries to eliminate the stress and worries and rests long enough on a daily basis.
Many people are sceptical as to the effectiveness of this home remedy for hair loss. However, it is worth noting that various scientific studies have shown that onion, and more precisely its juice, it is useful to avoid the fall of hair, as well as also other problems such as dandruff, or infections by yeasts or fungi. Some research also claim that it prevents premature graying of the hair.

3-What is the effectiveness of the onion for hair growth?

To its components. More precisely to the sulfur, presenting the onions in good quantity. When applying onion juice on the scalp, improves blood circulation, therefore, it is more feasible to grow the strands. At the same time, sulfur has the ability to improve the production of collagen tissues, needed to grow hair.
It is good to know that hair grows from follicles in the scalp and you need a good blood supply to be stronger. As if outside little, the onion has antibacterial properties to eliminate fungi and bacteria that live on the scalp and which do not allow a normal hair growth.
On the other hand, onion juice prevents thinning of the hair, gives strength and prevents breakage. You can get a wonderful volume using this remedy.

How to use and prepare onion juice to re-grow hair and prevent its fall alopecia weakness of hair growth of hair

4-How to use onion for hair growth:

You must extract the juice of a couple of onions and apply it on the scalp through massage. Simple. To this end, Peel two or three onions and cut them into slices. Then place in the food processor or blender. You can also grate it. You have to extract the juice. To apply on the scalp can do so directly with the hand either by embedding a cotton or gauze.
Remember that smell is quite strong, so it is recommended to carry out this home remedy for nights or weekends, or you can use a good amount of perfume or Cologne to disguise the smell.
This juice must remain for half an hour on your scalp. You can place a shower CAP or plastic bag to make it penetrate the skin better. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and use a natural shampoo without chemicals. Repeat three times a week and in two months will begin to see the results.
Perhaps believe that eight weeks are too long to be able to have a more lush hair or avoid that continue falling you. It is however, a remedy in the long term, not a solution of a day that then no more results. Therefore it is preferable to go for safe although late more than the goal faster but for a short time.
To help the treatment, it is advisable to consume raw onions in salads. Some mix the juice of onion with a measure of ron, let it soak overnight and the next day sneak it before applying. We can also use a recipe without alcohol, mixing the juice of 1/4 onion with a tablespoon of honey. You can put it in the hair or eat it in the morning.
Would you like another recipe with onions to eliminate alopecia? Mix a tablespoon of onion juice with a tablespoon of lemon juice. It places on the scalp by a massage. Leave Act three hours and wash in the usual way.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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