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Falafel (Arabic recipe)

The falafel is one of the most consumed preparations in Arab countries and possibly one of its elements emblem in the rest of the planet where gastronomy is concerned. The falafel is similar to a Meatball, but is produced by beans or beans, although this will vary considerably, depending on the place where the recipe is. It usually come in the form of croquettes, like the hamburger meat or as a ball fried in olive oil and served with pita bread and sesame seeds.
However, you don't have to travel to india to try this delicious dish, then you leave a standard falafel recipe (taking into account the falafel there for variety), fun cooking it and brings the best of the Arab world to your table.

Falafel (Arabic recipe) recipe,Seasoning,Yummy and tasty food,Complete meal,Recipe in english,

Ingredients for falafel:

Half a kilo of chickpeas
3 finely chopped onions
A cup and a half of parsley, preferably that is well cool
1 cup coriander
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 cup of grated bread, can be replaced with flour
1 tablespoon of baking soda or baking powder
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying


While the preparation of the falafel is not complex, requires that you have in mind the soak time needing the chickpeas. You will have to have them put to soak the night before, but they will be too hard and you can not make the recipe, is precisely for this reason that many replace chickpea lentils by.
You should wash thoroughly the chickpeas, once the corners of the water which have been soaked and you shred them for a few minutes in the Blender, eliminates excess water. Remember that you must grind the chickpeas without having previously cooked. Add the onion, herbs (parsley and coriander), garlic cloves and crush them again together with a glass of fresh water. Let the Blender turned on until you get a mass with a thick texture.
Leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes so that the flavors integrate well, adds a bit of salt, the other spices (cumin and pepper) and the bicarbonate. Let rest again, but this time for twenty or thirty minutes.
Now the fun begins, pon to heat a good amount of oil in a pot for deep frying and begins to make balls the size of a ping-pong ball and crush them well so the sides to give the shape of the falafel. In the event that the earth is too wet and not allow you manipulate it, additional the grated bread or flour, this way you can handle them without any problem.
Introduces the balls in the boiling oil, seeks to ensure that the fire is to a middle level that does not skip to the contact with the dough balls, wait for it to be golden and retiralas of the fire. Normally, if the oil is hot, take between seven or eight minutes to be ready.
Leave them in kitchen paper towel for a minute or two so that it will absorb the excess fat. Serve while warm and accompany with bread, dried fruit and yogurt sauce.

Falafel (Arabic recipe) recipe,Seasoning,Yummy and tasty food,Complete meal,Recipe in english,

Additional tips:

Rest times for this recipe are extremely important, as these will allow the flavors well integrated and do not compete with the other.
The oil must be very hot at the moment of adding marbles, because otherwise they will accrue too much oil and the cooking process will be much delayed.
The falafel have many variations, should take a chance and try different types. Surprise your guests serving different kinds of falafel in the same food, they will be delighted with this wonderful idea.
It is recommended that, at the time of frying, you use olive oil, this is much more healthy.
Another ingredient that you can replace the chick peas are beans, you will be given the same consistency, but they bring you a taste very different, but also delicious.
To serve, take a pita bread and fill with lettuce, tomato, mushrooms and enter two or three falafel balls, additional some oriental sauce, mango's are especially delicious, and get ready to enjoy a delicious dish made at home.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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