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The thousand and one uses of coconut oil in beauty

They may not be more than a thousand jobs for coconut oil, but the truth is that they are enough. In the following article to find out what some of the thousand and one uses of coconut oil in beauty, so you start to add it to your daily life.

The thousand and one uses of coconut oil in beauty dandruff pimples or blackheads acne Skin moisture Sexy lips

1-The best uses for your personal care for coconut oil:

It takes care of the cuticles
If you have scaly, dry or damaged cuticles State, the only thing you have to do is rub coconut oil for all the nail, but with an emphasis on this area. Get a circular massage and leverages to moisturize your hands.

It improves the appearance of the hair:

Opaque hair, for nothing soft and brittle? However, you can also take advantage of the benefits of coconut oil. It is a cheaper product that go to the salon by a bath of cream each week or certain treatments that are sold in stores. And best of all is that it has no chemical ingredients. Beauty experts suggest that this oil fatty acids the add shine and softness, as well as repair damaged strands.
Get a mask with a few drops, cover your hair with a towel or shower CAP and let stand 40 minutes before rinsing, first with hot water and then with water cold (so that the hair cuticles are closed). Another option is to just apply a few drops after bathing and drying tips (do not rinse).

Eliminates frizz and static in hair:

Other uses of your hair beauty coconut oil. If when there is too much moisture your hair is impossible to master, you can apply some drops in the root or in those areas that give you more problems. Fatty components of oil will serve as a weave hair, repelling the humidity of the atmosphere, the real problem with "untamed hair".

It illuminates the skin:

If your skin looks dull, as if life, coconut oil can help you. Combine a few drops of this oil with a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix well to create a paste and already will have ready a very effective exfoliate. It is placed over the skin in a circular motion, let stand for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water. Then apply a moisturizing cream. It's make this mask at night. Another interesting mix is with coconut oil and honey, a mask that moisturize and exfoliate, is antibacterial. Leave to Act 15 minutes and wash well.

The thousand and one uses of coconut oil in beauty dandruff pimples or blackheads acne Skin moisture Sexy lips

It is a perfect balm for the lips:

By cold weather or exposure to the Sun, the lips is desquamate, are hurt and may even bleed. To maintain a perfect mouth, lips hydrated, smooth and good looking, nothing better to put some drops of coconut oil. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of oil with a tablespoon of brown sugar. You'll make a great scrub, you will spend in a circular manner. If you want greater protection of the lips, apply a few drops after you use the lipstick. And it will bring you an extra shine.

Improved bath:

If you give you baths, you can take advantage of the properties of coconut oil. Just made a few drops in the warm water to hydrate the skin completely. To improve this, don't hesitate to use salts of Epson which relieve muscles and eliminate the bloating.

Removes makeup:

It is a very well kept beauty secret (so far). Coconut oil removes traces of make-up. Simply place a few drops on a cotton ball and gently rub into the skin. After a few minutes you will be "to wash face". It ends with a rinse using a cotton cloth or canvas wet and hot. It is perfect for the make-up water proof or caked make-up.

It moisturizes the skin:

If you want to keep the skin soft and healthy, don't hesitate to use coconut oil. How do? You can add a few drops on your favorite moisturizer either apply directly in your hands, legs, feet, arms, etc. It will leave you with a slight aroma of coconut. Don't worry by as oily, in a few minutes the skin absorbs it all. Your skin will be smoother than a baby's.

It improves acne:

If you have many pimples or blackheads, coconut oil can be of great help for you. The breakouts are really a nuisance, but thanks to this recipe, you will say goodbye to the inflammation that causes not only on the face, but also to the shoulders, arms or back. And as if it was little, eliminate irritation and redness. You only have to clean as always the skin, using a mild soap and then apply a thin layer of coconut oil (some drops, in your hand, and then in the face). You not rinses it, let that components absorb alone. Remember that you must wait even an hour for going to sleep, otherwise, it will be all the oil on your pillow and sheets.

The thousand and one uses of coconut oil in beauty dandruff pimples or blackheads acne Skin moisture Sexy lips

It improves scalp health:

If you suffer from dandruff or desquamation on the hair, you can improve the picture by using coconut oil. When sales of the shower, and for example while watching television, make a gentle massage with your fingertips for all scalp, using a few drops of this wonderful oil. You don't have to rinse it. In addition, will provide you a great feeling of tranquility and calm (remember that dandruff often occurs when there is a lot of stress, anxiety or nerves).
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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