Friday, April 24, 2015

3 options delicious to take lemon in the morning

Already know the benefits of drinking lemon in the morning and fasting. It is a great way to debug, optimize our basic functions and get a good wealth of vitamins and minerals. How to resist?
Improves our digestion, is a diuretic, and strengthens our immune system can not let this healthy habit! Although, sometimes we get a little tired of drinking lemon juice in the same way. Thus, today in our space we want to give you three delicious choices that you'll love. What are you going to prepare for tomorrow morning?

1-Liquid aloe vera with lemon:

This option is very suitable for debugging, and also lose weight. It is simple and refreshing, a delicious way with which to start the day and which will give you very good results.

How can I prepare this smoothie?

3 options delicious to take lemon in the morning Improve digestion Smoothie Drinks to lose weight

You will need the following ingredients:

20 grams of aloe vera.
A cup of water (250 ml)
The juice of a lemon.
5 grams of honey.
To prepare this Smoothie the first thing we will do will be to get the gel of the aloe vera plant inside. It is translucent and gelatinous. You remove it with a spoon carefully does not harm you. Then you take it to the kettle where you've previously put to boil a cup of water. It allows mixing well and that is a smooth drink.
Next? Get the lemon juice and add it to the infusion that you have made with aloe vera. It allows it to cool a little. The ideal is to take it in fasting at room temperature. If you add the tablespoon of honey, it will be even more delicious.

3 options delicious to take lemon in the morning Improve digestion Smoothie Drinks to lose weight

2-Lemon with sodium bicarbonate:

Combine the juice of one lemon with a tablespoon of baking soda stands as an option so refreshing as medicinal. Many speak of this mixture as a remedy anti-cancer; a true miracle for health.
However, being objective and cautious before all these so-called miracles, only we can make sure that this option is an alkaline remedy that is worth trying at least two days per week. It improves digestion, combat acidity, cleanses the body and regulates the so-called bad cholesterol. How to resist?

How do I prepare my drink with lemon and baking soda?

Only need 250 ml of water, 5 grams of baking soda and lemon juice. Drink it freshly made and fasting. Last half hour, breakfast with normality. You see how well you feel!

3-Lemon juice with mint, ginger and cucumber:

Do you know what is the secret of this juice with lemon, ginger, mint and cucumber? Which will help you to get a flat belly. It is delicious! Combining these ingredients depurantes, anti-inflammatory and diuretic, we achieve improving our digestion and go burning fat every day.
You can follow this option 10 days a month, always in the morning and fasting. If you wish to follow a more intensive treatment to achieve a flat stomach, rather than a single Cup in the morning, we will prepare us a liter to take throughout the day. It is easy, economical and just need to be consistent and complement this remedy with some exercise and a proper diet.

How do I prepare my drink with lemon, mint and cucumber?

3 options delicious to take lemon in the morning Improve digestion Smoothie Drinks to lose weight

You need the following ingredients:

A cucumber peeled and cut slats.
The juice of a lemon.
A cup of water (250 ml).
10 grams of peppermint.
A teaspoon of grated fresh ginger.
We will start making Mint infusion. Once you have the list, add the juice of one lemon and the tablespoon of ginger. Then you don't have rather than make the cucumber Smoothie in the blender and add this mixture of lemon and Mint. That is easy? If you add a couple of ice cubes, you will get a so great as a refreshing drink. Try it!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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