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Remedy to reduce fat and water retention of belly

Who does not have the small accumulation of fat in the belly? It is normal especially in women, our metabolism is that we tend to store fat in this area, as well as those liquids that we not treat correctly. Do you want to know a simple remedy that will get you very well? Check it out!

How to prepare Remedy to reduce fat and water retention of belly remove fluid

1-Simple remedy to reduce belly fat and remove fluid:

A two for one? We eliminate liquids and reduce fats? So it is, but it is not any miracle. It is a simple natural remedy as healthy as appropriate to follow each day. Because sometimes that better results are the most basic things we offer, especially if it's medicinal plants. But what medicinal plants we are talking about? Notes:
Dandelion: is one of the most effective medicinal plants to reduce fat. However, according to indicate to us the experts, the part that has more power slimming is the root of dandelion. You can find in shops specialized natural, and as we say, is really good. Generally, this plant, in addition to being a great detoxified capable of caring for our kidneys and liver, stimulates the cleansing and the production of urine. Desinflama abdomen, regulates the blood sugar level and in addition, raises the defenses. Superb!
Chopped fresh ginger: already know the multiple benefits of ginger to reduce fat, purify us and prevent inflammations. Moreover, according to the University of Maastricht, this medicinal plant manages to accelerate metabolism and, consequently, to burn more fat. The ginger gives us also the feeling of satiety and is ideal to start the day.
Cinnamon: did you know that cinnamon is perfect to reduce fat and lose weight? So, in addition to delicious and combine with multiple dishes and tea, cinnamon stands as a very effective way of reduce blood sugar level, so there are no peaks of insulin pronounced crash. In addition, the cinnamon raises the heat of the body producing several chemical reactions that manage to speed up the body's metabolism. Thus, the excess calories just burning through the thermogenic process. It is excellent.
Mint: do you like the exquisite taste of the flavor of mint? As its medicinal properties are also well suited to reduce fat, stimulates the gastric functions, increasing the digestive metabolism, manages to emulsify the fat-burning, and also improves the functioning of the gallbladder increasing the secretion billiar.

How to prepare Remedy to reduce fat and water retention of belly remove fluid

1.How to prepare my remedy to reduce belly fat?

You will need the following ingredients and quantities:

A tablespoon of dandelion root
A tablespoon of grated fresh ginger
A piece of a Cinnamon bar
5 mint leaves
A glass and a half of water
Two tablespoons of honey

How to prepare Remedy to reduce fat and water retention of belly remove fluid

2. How can I prepare and take this remedy?

Very easy. We will take it three times throughout the day, three times a week. The first will be in the morning at fasting, nothing more to stand up. You take it on an empty stomach and warmest. It is important that all the ingredients are fresh. As you can see, they are quite economic plants and you won't have any trouble finding them. Especially with regard to the dandelion, we recommend that you use its root, since as you have said, it has slimming properties.
The second socket will do it after lunch, that way facilitate the digestion and treat much better. Next and final decision will be before bed, remember that it should be warm, never or very hot or very cold. In addition, the mixture of honey, mint and Ginger also allows you to have a good rest. It is not only an infusion to reduce fat, is an emulsifier and a tonic at a time, a healthy and very digestive remedy.
What we do is a decoction of the ingredients, that glass and a half of water. Once you arrive to a boil, allow to rest for about ten minutes. Then we will put our infusion slimming in a glass bottle at room temperature. Take, as you have said, three cups a day, 3 days a week.
As you know, you should supplement this remedy with a proper diet, balanced and free of harmful fats. In addition, don't forget to do something for sport every day, it is sufficient to exit to walk half an hour a day at a rapid pace. If you do this diet along with a friend, you will be more easy. Are you ready?
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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