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10 tips to lose weight without sacrifice

The Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the healthiest, there where is included not only a healthy and therapeutic nutrition, but it also includes a lifestyle that allows us to live more years in better conditions. Today we want to give you ten guidelines so you get it, without sacrifice.

10 tips to lose weight without sacrifice Key for weight loss cereals and whole-grain bread

1-Key for weight loss based on the Mediterranean diet:

Why is it supposed to be so healthy Mediterranean diet? There are many studies that endorse us profits and help to prevent cardiovascular disease, for example, dimensions which are based above all on those as healthy foods, which also form our ideal nutrition pyramid. Olive oil, fruits and vegetables, fiber, fish, seafood, seeds, antioxidant, vitamin C... and how not, a way of life where is valued life, trips to the Sun and these social relations based on positive emotions.
Eat well, without the presence of industrial food or candy, lead active lives and enjoy the home cooking with fresh food and in fair quantities, surround this simple secret that everyone should adapt to our dishes and our House. We take note? Go ahead!

1.The importance of cereals and whole-grain bread:

Can you eat bread if I am to diet? Certainly, but that Yes, better that are comprehensive, whole grain and seeds. Avoid first sliced bread, it has excessive refined flours and many fats. Ideally, fiber, oat or rye bread loaf. Takes care of our intestinal tract, they Digest better, it gives us vitamins and minerals and it is so healthy that your body will thank. In addition if we take for example the breakfast a slice of bread with olive oil, you'll see how there is nothing better with which to start the day.

2.The olive oil as main fat in our diet:

You have finished speaking. Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet. A natural treasure that is rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids, perfect to take care of your heart, reduce cholesterol and protect yourself from all kinds of strokes. A key to any dish and a gastronomic treasure with many centuries of tradition.

3.Fruits rich in antioxidants:

Juice of Orange, lemon juice, rich apples, Grapefruits, pomegranates, melons, grapes, watermelons... elements that start your breakfast, with which for example sauté your salads, gourmet limit is your own imagination. They are healthy, give us defenses, we purged and help us to lose weight whenever we include them daily in our table. Remember that the Mediterranean diet - like others - tells us that 5 are pieces of fruit that we eat daily.

4.The importance of vegetables in abundance and fresh:

Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, spinach, Zucchini... are tasty and perfect to cook simple dishes where Miss olive oil. Tasty salads where no shortage nor olives and nuts are prepared in the Mediterranean diet. You know that it's healthier to that plant - to the extent possible - is consume raw. Peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onions... consumed in its raw form gives us more digestive enzymes, which protect our stomach and our intestines. Play with colors and flavors and no doubt never prepare a salad in your lunch. At night it is no longer so advisable because we digest worse certain components such as lettuce or spinach.

10 tips to lose weight without sacrifice Key for weight loss cereals and whole-grain bread


Walnuts, almonds, pistachios are healthy, they provide us with magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. They are a good complement for our breakfast and our salads, for example. A staple of the Mediterranean diet.
6.Always food in season, avoiding the precooked and industrial food:
Juices that are always natural, never supermarket. The Mediterranean diet requires that we devote a little more time to our kitchen, enjoying its elaboration and avoiding first and foremost those already processed products from the supermarket. Rice, vegetables boiled, fish fresh, natural juices... all with fruits and vegetables that are in season.

7.Fermented dairy:

We already know that dairy products are not always very healthy. But those who are already fermented, as it is the case of the kefir, yogurt or various types of cheese, are very beneficial. They provide us with live microorganisms very necessary to maintain an appropriate balance in our intestinal micro flora.
8.Meat protein but lean:
We would take the meat twice a week and preferably chicken or Turkey. More lean meats, white and not red are therefore considered.

9.The Bluefish:

Sardines, mackerels, Tunas, salmon... at least twice a week. Its fats are very beneficial, rich in omega-6. So you do not neglect the bluefish in your Mediterranean diet.

10 tips to lose weight without sacrifice Key for weight loss cereals and whole-grain bread

10.An active life:

Walks in the morning, go out to walk to enjoy the outdoors and nature. A little exercise at dusk leaving to run with a friend, drink plenty of water, enjoy the Sun, your social relations... etc, will make your life to have better quality and make it look in your health. If you follow these dietary guidelines are restricted where the sweets, fats and industrial food, gradually notice it in your weight. Remember that another key of the Mediterranean in not eating in large quantities. Fill your dishes with just the right amount and not Descartes take a glass of wine a day... It is healthy for your heart.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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