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Foods for healthy hair

Healthy, shiny and beautiful hair is the result of a healthy and balanced diet. Nutrient deficiencies can cause us problems like dryness, lack of brightness, excessive fall and dandruff. If you notice any of these problems is present, you must begin to monitor your diet because with time the other symptoms will appear. In your diet seeks to include:

Foods for healthy hair fall and dandruff Protein-rich food healthy, silky, shiny hair

1-Protein-rich foods:

The primary composition of the hair is protein which must make sure that this nutrient is present in our diet from day to day. You will notice that must include more protein when your hair becomes dry and brittle and weak. Diets that are poor in protein typically cause hair fall and take long to grow back. The inevitable food: chicken, Turkey, fish, eggs, milk, cheese. If you are looking for a more vegetarian diet, legumes, and nuts are a good resource for protein.

2-Green vegetables:

Anemia is the main cause of hair loss and appears when we do not consume enough iron. The follicle and hair root feed on nutrients from the blood. If the follicle does not obtain the amount of iron needed, hair does not grow as expected and becomes very weak, which facilitates its fall. The right products to obtain this nutrient are: lettuce, broccoli, chard, spinach, etc.


Since iron is needed for healthy hair, vitamin C must always accompany our diet. This vitamin helps to improve the absorption of iron in the body, something vital so that the nutrient is used properly. This vitamin also helps in the production of collagen, a major component of hair. The best foods are fruits, vegetables that are also rich in vitamin C: there papaya, blackberries, guava, kiwi, oranges, lemons, Grapefruits, etc.

4-Fish and seeds:

Our body is unable to produce this type of fat naturally despite being necessary for healthy hair. These fats help to feed the cells that make up the hair and scalp, making them see hydrated. Search the omega-3 avocado, seeds of pumpkin, walnuts, salmon and sardines. With just 5 grams of omega-3 per day we have more than enough, and they amount to a handful of seeds or a small piece of fish.

Foods for healthy hair fall and dandruff Protein-rich food healthy, silky, shiny hair

5-Yellow and orange vegetables:

Orange and yellow carrots and squash vegetables provide us with vitamin A. This vitamin helps the production of sebum in the scalp. Tallow is a fatty substance that acts as a natural conditioner that prevents the appearance of dandruff and dryness of hair. Yellow and orange vegetables are rich in beta carotene, vitamin A-rich.


Besides being a delicious and easy to carry snack, nuts are rich in vitamin E, selenium and zinc. These three nutrients prevent falling hair, appearance of dandruff and dryness of the scalp. On the other hand, l-arginine which is present in these foods is widely used in topical products to cause the growth of hair, but when eaten it is more efficient.


A quarter of the hair structure is composed of water. This is the way to eliminate toxins, chemicals, dyes and other external elements that can affect the hair. When we eat the required amount of water we get healthy, silky, shiny hair. Ideally, consume between 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

8-Foods to avoid:

The hair loss has become a fairly common problem in recent years. This is due to several factors of modern life: anxiety, insomnia, excessive use of chemicals, bleaching treatments, standing, etc. Junk food and little healthy are also an important cause, so it should avoid them whenever possible.
Sugar is highly acidic, destroys vitamin B and minimizes the benefits of minerals, making our hair look sick and worn out. At the same time, fried foods, soft drinks and snacks with too many conservatives limit the growth of the hair.

Foods for healthy hair fall and dandruff Protein-rich food healthy, silky, shiny hair

9-As a result of your diet healthy hair:

Eat well, exercise, reducing stress and sleep properly are key to having healthy hair with a natural growth.
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