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5 foods that reduce anxiety by sweets

One of the most common causes of overweight is the impulsive consumption of sweets, which leads us to eat way into all kinds of little healthy foods rich in sugars, flours and fats of poor quality.
These foods, which mostly do not provide nutrients to our body, pass quickly in reserves, and increase therefore those areas where each is easier to accumulate fat.
In this article, we present some foods that have the main property of minimize this impulsive need to eat sweets, which can be related to imbalances in the levels of blood glucose.

5 foods that reduce anxiety by sweets Diabetes Blood sugar levels Stomach fats

1-Healthy sweets:

The secret of these foods that we highlight here is that all of them contain a natural sweetness. Some, by its content of healthy sugars and others, for other nutrients of sweet taste, but ultimately all have the property satisfy the need to eat something sweet.
Glucose levels vary continuously, which can lead us to peaks of need for sugar that we resist with these foods.


This amazing spice that is used in the natural treatment of type 2 diabetes, lowers blood sugar levels and slows the emptying of the stomach, which reduces the sugar peaks that occur often after the meal. These peaks are cause that shortly after eating have need to eat something sweet.
How do we eat it?
Cinnamon can be used in multiple ways. We will try to be cinnamon of Ceylon, which is the most beneficial, and will consume it:
In all kinds of sweets and desserts: cakes, puddings, ice creams, etc.
Infusion, after the meal.
Combined with honey, on an empty stomach.


The pumpkin is rich in carbohydrates, but its high fiber content makes that these are go absorbing little by little, resulting in consistent and balanced blood sugar levels.
It is important to note that people who abuse the sweets also tend to have intestinal parasites, even if they are not aware of this. These parasites still contribute more to anxiety by eating sweets, since they feed on them. For this reason, we recommend also to eat pumpkin seeds, which are one of the oldest remedies to combat them and eliminate them.

How do we eat it?

Although we usually eat it cooked, can also eat it raw, grated in salads. On the other hand, if we cook it, the pumpkin is delicious cream.
Thanks to its sweetness, we can cut thin slices of pumpkin, as if it were a Carpaccio, and baking it with a little cinnamon. This recipe is delicious as a dessert.

5 foods that reduce anxiety by sweets Diabetes Blood sugar levels Stomach fats


Carrot also contain complex carbohydrates they need to be digested into sugar. In the same way as squash, are absorbing gradually and do not cause sugar spikes.

How do we eat it?

We will eat it preferably raw. The most effective way, if we have Blender, is in the form of juice, combined, for example, with Apple.
You can also grate it and add it to all kinds of dishes as a garnish, salads, soups or snacks.

5-Sweet potato:

There are many types of sweet potato and all have in common the taste slightly sweet. The sweet potato is rich in natural sugars, but that should not alarm us, since this sugar content is compensated by their high fiber content. In particular, the type of fiber from sweet potato is the pectin, which slows down the absorption of sugars.

How do we eat it?

Sweet potato is very filling and we do not recommend eating it from the afternoon. The best times are in the morning or included in the meal, and can cook baked or boiled, in the same way as potato.

5 foods that reduce anxiety by sweets Diabetes Blood sugar levels Stomach fats


This plant is native to Paraguay is becoming popular as a natural sweetener due to its multiple benefits, notably property regulate levels of blood glucose, like what happens with the cinnamon. Also contains 0 calories, so it is ideal to combat the anxiety for the sweets. With the incredible sweetness of this plant we won't need to eat other sugars.

How do we eat it?

Stevia allows us to sweeten teas, lemonades, and drinks of course.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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