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What should I do if I start out varicose veins?

Some people, mostly women, are beginning to have varicose veins of young people. They usually have a genetic component, but they are compounded by poor diet, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. Pregnancy may also influence its worsening.
In this article you will learn what are the measures that you should take when you start out, it is a moment that still can prevent and, incidentally, improve our movement and our health in general.

What should I do if I start out varicose veins Pregnancy natural remedies Avoid overweight

1-Forget about the hot water:

Even if you're a whopping person, the worst thing you can do if you have poor circulation is to use hot water in the shower. In addition, tends to happen that much worse our circulation, colder tend to have, so we do not do more than go aggravating the problem.
The change doesn't have to be sudden, but that we should go using Yes water increasingly less hot so our body is accustomed. At the end of the shower, we can put the cold water a few seconds, or even alternate cold with the hot, especially in the areas most affected by varicose veins.
Little by little, we will notice a great sense of lightness and well-being throughout our body with this simple change.

2-Move each day:

To avoid the appearance of varicose veins or worsening of which they already have we must raise awareness to move every day. It is not always possible to go to a gym, but we must also avoid those lazy moments of the day in that we not move from the Chair.
We can go up and down stairs on foot, go walking to places that are not too far away whenever we have time, do some exercises or stretches at home, out hiking the weekends, etc.
We recommend especially look for the opportunity to go to the beach or the mountain and walk barefoot through sand, grass, or the river. This pleasant experience is not only an excellent anti-stress remedy, but it greatly enhances circulation, at the same time that brings relaxation and vitality.

What should I do if I start out varicose veins Pregnancy natural remedies Avoid overweight

3-Inverted posture:

What a great relief we can feel with this simple exercise! All day we carry the weight of our body on our legs, and why suggest to the end of the day an exercise to do the opposite: put your legs up.
We can do this in several ways:
Lie down, we will put the legs on a pair of thick cushions.
We bust along the wall, supporting the legs vertically, forming a right angle.
We will make an inverted yoga posture, holding the weight of our body on the head or on the back of our back. Be carried out this exercise, only those who know him well or may consult with a trainer.

4-Avoid overweight:

Being overweight is one of the worst circulatory problems aggravated by what, if this is your case, we suggest that you follow a plan of healthy and progressive thinning that allows you not only lose weight, but feel better and good humor with more energy for all the challenges you are proposing in this article.

5-Be careful of the food:

To perform a complete natural treatment, we must act on the inside and out. Internally we have to avoid some foods such as that they are below:

White sugar.
Refined salt.
Refined flour.
Fried and pre-cooked foods.
Hydrogenated fats.
Alcoholic beverages.
Coffee roasting.
On the other hand, will be very beneficial the following foods:
Citrus fruits.
Pumpkin seeds.
First cold press olive oil

What should I do if I start out varicose veins Pregnancy natural remedies Avoid overweight

6-Discover natural remedies:

To further enhance this treatment, especially in those times of the year in which we notice a worse circulation in affected areas, we recommend to choose herbal natural supplements.
It may be internal (capsules, tablets, tincture, extract, infusions, etc.) or external (creams, lotions, oils, gels, etc.), but always including some of the medicinal plants recommended to improve circulation:

Witch Hazel
Cold gels are also very effective to relieve immediate discomfort. They are sold in pharmacies.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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