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The point Ling Gu: instant relief of sciatica

In acupuncture, we must know that there are different points, which, to be worked, bring us welfare and eliminate pains or illnesses. While attention is paid to various points during a session or treatment, some of these are most important or serve for a medical condition in particular.
On this occasion, we will discuss the Ling Gu point, which gives you an immediate relief for sciatica pains and the lumbar. Learn more in this article.

The point Ling Gu: instant relief of sciatica at home Pain relief spine and back  thumb and index finger hand

1-Ling Gu: a point for attention:

The point Gu Ling, whose translation means "bone of the spirit", can work daily to treat various problems, especially those related to the back. Therefore, it is the favorite of those who work in an office sitting across desk all day.
This point of acupuncture was discovered by master Tung, a doctor of Chinese origin known in their country for the results that they got their patients due to the techniques employed. What sets apart it from the rest is that very few needles are used to greater effect.
Points of master Tung had kept secret for several family generations, until he decided to disclose it to a group of students. In this way, everyone can access their benefits.
The Ling Gu point is located on the top hand, more precisely between the first and the second metacarpal, i.e. between the thumb and the index, a little above the soft sector that allows the joint of the finger that is "only". If we put a finger of the other hand at this point, we will give you realized there is a kind of hollow.
This point, to be worked properly, quickly relieves sciatica and the lumbar pain. That pain so horrible that part of the area low-back and extends the leg, and that does not allow any movement normally.
The effect is to be expected, the needle should be placed at the point Ling Gu contrary. I.e. If the lower right leg pain, should work in the left hand. In 75% of cases, the person enjoys relief within minutes.
This point is also used in other back pain, as well as also headaches and foot, menstrual and Bell's palsy. It is a point that is so strong that it should not be even blush when a woman is pregnant, since it may induce labor.

The point Ling Gu: instant relief of sciatica at home Pain relief spine and back  thumb and index finger hand

2-It can relieve pain with a grip on the hand:

According to experts at the point Ling Gu (also known as Hegu), applying pressure in this place located between the thumb and index finger can calm down the anxiety and the back, above all of the sciatic pain, as well as the headache and dental. Acupuncturists try this point with needles, but we also can do it putting some pressure on the place.
More than 300 points in the body according to Chinese acupuncture, treatment in the Ling Gu point seems to be one of the most useful, especially to relieve the pain of the spine and back. Although not enough studies have been conducted to test whether this is the case, the truth is that Asian traditional medicine has it between the "favorite" from hundreds of years ago.
It is unknown exactly how the Ling Gu point. A recent study on treatment with needles in acupuncture in the hands indicates that it increases blood flow and therefore, that it has the ability to relieve pain. Other research suggests that it works by stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones known as natural analgesics.
Acupuncturists often work point Ling Gu as part of a custom program to treat headaches, which includes a variety of other points throughout the body. For example, the points that should be dealt with in a patient with anxiety disorders are different to those who serve to treat someone with menstrual pain. However, Ling Gu is probably a common denominator in both treatments.
To manipulate your own point Ling Gu, acupuncturists explain that you must place a finger over the fleshy part between the thumb and the index finger of the opposite hand. Place your index finger on the other side of the hand and press with strength. If you do well, it will hurt you.
One or two minutes may be sufficient, but the benefits begin to appear 20 or 40 minutes of constant pressure. If you don't have any relief with a hand pressure, try the other.
The idea is that you can do this treatment or technique alone, when you're at home, in the office or traveling to work on the bus. He is not recommended to use the needles without adequate knowledge or supervision of an expert. With the fact of exerting pressure on the Ling Gu point, you can get improvements when it hurts your back or sciatica, also the head or belly for the period. You try to do it for half an hour and not wait until now drop more pain in the column.
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