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Pastry cream

Pastry cream can be used for various preparations of desserts and sweets, such as: cakes, fruit, doughnuts or pastries, among many others. It tastes delicious and is very simple to make... and also very fast!

Pastry cream desserts sweets, such as: cakes, fruit, doughnuts Recipe in english

1-Pastry cream:

To make your own home-made pastry cream, you'll need half a liter of milk, with whole milk cream will be you very rich pastry and take care over your line with skim milk. You can use which suits you.


Half a liter of milk
A teaspoon of vanilla
A tbsp of corn starch
1 cup of sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
2 tablespoons cold butter


Combine the sugar and cornstarch in a bowl. Place the salt, milk and vanilla in a saucepan and heat over medium heat. Do not let boil.
When the milk is hot, put the eggs, the mixture of starch and sugar in a large bowl. With mixer, beat all until it's a color that clear, indicate that the dough is well blended.
It turns off the milk, since it must be quite hot and steaming for now. We are going to temper the egg mixture.
Pour the hot milk in a container that does not overheat, since you must hold it and preferably with a handle. Put a little of the hot milk in the bowl with the egg mixture and beat until well mixed.
When you've added half of the milk, it begins to pour all at once in the eggs while bates vigorously. Once this has been combined and the mixture is foamy, is poured back into the pot and put original medium-high heat.

Pastry cream desserts sweets, such as: cakes, fruit, doughnuts Recipe in english


Rinse the container you just use, because you will need it more later. Place it in the freezer.
Move the mixture around the pot. You must keep it moving so nothing will stick to the substance and form that is uniformly hot. The starch you need heat to help thicken up. The proteins, both of the milk and eggs, also will help to thicken the cream. While it is being heated, you will notice a slight thickening and the bubbles out of the foam will begin to disappear. This is a good sign. Continue beating a little more vigorously, until the pastry cream boil.
Turn off the fire.
Keep beating until a little tuning the pastry cream.
Here is where you add the butter, which creates a sensation on your face soft and rich and, with its fat molecules trapped in the dough, help that the cream pastry is made well when cooled in the refrigerator.
Beat until the butter is melted. At this stage it is possible that you want to strain the pastry cream if you have some lumps of scrambled eggs, but you should have a soft and delicious cream. I recommend tasting the hot pastry cream, because it is really very good. But you do not burn your mouth!
Chill the cream for 2 hours or overnight. It depends on when you need it. You will have a stronger product to work once it has cooled. Fill your buns from cream, cakes or pastries and succeed!
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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