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How to grow hair faster

Perhaps you've cut you hair and not you like or perhaps are a little tired of your short hair. If you want to have a longer hair, please do not hesitate to read the following article. Learn how to make believe the hair quicker and put into practice now.
Methods to grow hair more quickly are varied and not all are effective. It is, therefore, that you need to find the appropriate option, trying homemade recipes available in this article.

How to grow hair faster Massage the scalp Long hair  Healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair

1-Grow hair faster, is it possible?

If you have short hair and don't you like, that you seek a solution to enjoy your hair as before and not have to wait years needed. It is not as difficult as you think, but quite the opposite. Some interesting tips are:

Trim them frequently:

Contrary to what you believe, cut the tips of the hair can make you grow faster. This is because to grow with more forces. Split ends do not allow to grow accordingly. You can also take into account the phases of the Moon, for example (waxing is when they say it grows faster).

Massage the scalp:

If you decide, make it your or well can ask you your partner or perhaps in the beauty salon. Just place a few drops of essential oil (or olive) If you don't have at the tip of your fingers and get massages the scalp a few minutes before showering. Another alternative is the oil for babies. The idea is that the skin will be more moist and the hair grow faster.

Egg white:

Proteins and nutrients in the egg are excellent for hair growth. It is perfect in the cases in which nothing works. Egg whites have vitamins that benefit the general condition of the hair.
Part two eggs, remove the yolks, mix well and apply on the hair. Applied on the scalp by a massage and let stand for ten minutes. Rinse well with warm water and then wash in the usual way. In addition, the hair will be much more shiny and healthy.

Drink more water:

Hydration is very important, therefore, try to drink at least two litres of water per day. If it is too hot, he drinks three liters. It is a very simple method which in turn gives you a lot of benefits. Moisturizes the skin, organs and therefore the hair. If the water you don't like much, you can drink cold infusions of herbs or smoothies.

You brush your hair:

When you wash your hair, brush for a few minutes the hair, always with the same movement, from scalp to ends, to make it stretch. But it is not question of exaggerating or spend two hours in front of the mirror, Unraveling the strands. Brush once or twice per day, to stimulate the hair follicles.

How to grow hair faster Massage the scalp Long hair  Healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair

Do not use the hairdryer or the iron:

If you are accustomed to dry your hair or use the iron much, avoid these habits, unless it is strictly necessary, i.e. If you do much cold or humidity and you have to leave, for example. At least tries to reduce the dryer because it doesn't work in your goal to grow hair quickly.

Birth control pills:

It is not proven, but many women use it. You do not have to take them but put them in your hair. Simply grind four or five pills and add them to the shampoo that you use on a daily basis. This will cause your hair to grow faster and at the same time, more abundant and healthy.

Sleep with a braid:

Before going to bed, make a braid in hair. If you have very short, get two or three smaller ones. Remember that it has to be wet (after showering is perfect). He sleeps all night with this hairstyle and in the morning, brush vigorously. Repeat every day for a week.

Essential oils:

Grape seed oil is very good for hair growth. You only have to use drops to apply as if it were a circular massage, by the totality of the scalp. This will help to stimulate hair follicles.
Another interesting option is the coconut oil, which allows you to enjoy a beautiful, shiny and healthy hair as well as longer. Give you a massage on the scalp with warm coconut oil drops, once a week. Attention if it causes skin irritation.
A third alternative is the Rosemary oil. This herbal medicine is very good for hair health. In a bowl place two tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves and half a cup of olive oil, heated unless it comes to a boil. Let cool and let it rest for two days. Strain and placed in a container. Then massage the scalp, after having washed the hair.

How to grow hair faster Massage the scalp Long hair  Healthy hair Accelerate the growth of hair

Potato water:

Potato, and more precisely the juice of potato (or water), is a good idea to grow hair faster and at the same time, to make it look healthier, not to break or is very thin. This is because that brings a lot of vitamins, especially B. put to boil two potatoes with Peel in one liter of water. Leave to cool and strain. Used as a rinse after washing.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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