Monday, April 13, 2015

5 homemade creams for eye contour

Are swollen eyes? Do you feel you already some small wrinkles in the eye? Don't worry, you will learn 5 simple ways of making your own creams. Simple and economic. Do you're going to lose?

5 homemade creams for eye contour wrinkles Vaseline cream Crow's feet dark circles

1-Homemade eye contour creams:

As you may know, the outline of the eyes is that sensitive part of our face that first tends to feel the effect of the time and also, our continuous gestualiades. The cold, lack of hydration, the Sun and how the years do not, that this part go modeling little by little getting to display those small wrinkles, crows and sometimes legs, these classic swellings that frighten us every morning when we wake up. You will learn how to mitigate them using these home remedies. Takes note.

2-Aloe Vera cream and grape seed oil:

Grape seed? Maybe you surprised, but grape seeds are those elements that can fight and slow down the aging of our skin. A way to benefit from them is acquiring grape seed oil. It is worthwhile to look at natural stores, we assure you that it is not expensive and that will be the same as the more expensive cream.
To prepare this cream only need a spoonful of aloe vera, two drops of grape seed oil and a tablespoon of beeswax. It mixes everything into a small saucepan so well-mixed and then let it stand. With this mix you will have for many days, since we only need a few drops in the eye to make a small massage before going to sleep. It is wonderful.

5 homemade creams for eye contour wrinkles Vaseline cream Crow's feet dark circles

3-Olive oil and cocoa butter cream:

Another great way to moisturize the area and to avoid the traditional Crow's feet. Cocoa butter you can find it in any store, it is cheap and will you go very well. Just a spoonful, we melt it into the fire and add a few drops of olive oil. With this you will have for about three days. You apply it yourself and do a little massage. A classic remedy that you have to try.

4-Cream of yogurt and green tea:

This cream is ideal for those days when we wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles. We need an injection of antioxidants with pure hydration. You need to prepare it just make an infusion of green tea with half cup of water. List once, add two tablespoons of white yogurt and mix well, then leave it in the refrigerator so it cools. Then apply to the contour of the eyes. It's great.

5 homemade creams for eye contour wrinkles Vaseline cream Crow's feet dark circles

5-Cucumber and Vaseline cream:

That at home you have these classic ingredients: cucumber and Vaseline. Both excellent for hydrating, toning, rejuvenate and illuminating. But how do we do it? Very easy, take two pieces of cucumber and adds a little bit of Vaseline. With the help of a fork chop and mix these two ingredients to achieve a unified cream. Then, put it in the refrigerator also minutes away. If you apply it you in the mornings or evenings 10 minutes you will notice its effects as appropriate to relieve swelling and reduce wrinkles.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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