Thursday, April 2, 2015

Homemade 5 tricks to beautify your face

Skin young and resplendent; eyelashes thick, long and abundant; voluminous lips; large and bright eyes, and a skin hydrated and shiny. Who wouldn't want a face so, healthy and beautiful?
In this article you will learn what simple, natural and home remedies will help you get it. You will only need a bit of patience and perseverance. Try and beautify your face in no time!

Homemade 5 tricks to beautify your face Young skin Hydrated skin Thick and long eyelashes

1-Young skin:

To ensure that the skin looks rejuvenated, rosy and resplendent we can count with an excellent medicinal plant used for multiple beauty remedies for many decades: Rosemary.
This plant improves blood circulation and therefore strengthens and gives strength and vitality to the skin.
And how what we apply?
We can buy an essential oil of Rosemary (care that is not an artificial aromatic essence, but actually an oil extracted from the plant) in an herbalist and add 15 drops in 50 ml of water. We stir before use and apply it on the face with a spray or with a damp cotton.
Another option is to directly collect the fresh rosemary and put it to marinate in Apple Cider vinegar for at least 15 days. Then, strain the mixture, add the same amount of water, and it is now ready for use.
Finally, the third alternative is to prepare an infusion concentrated with fresh or dried Rosemary. We will use this infusion for a maximum of one week, keeping it in the fridge.
We will apply this Rosemary water daily a couple of times, to get up and before going to sleep, always before applying any cream and after leaving the skin to absorb it.

2-Thick and long eyelashes:

Abundant, long and thick eyelashes completely change the look of our gaze. They make it more feminine and sexy, and also give prominence to our eyes even when they are not made up.
The remedy of beauty of our grandmothers to strengthen eyelashes is based on castor oil, a very thick and nutritious oil that we apply to our eyelashes every night before going to sleep.
The most practical way of doing this is by using an old container mask eyelashes or paintbrush otherwise. We will not put too much so that you reach the eye and it may irritate it us.

Homemade 5 tricks to beautify your face Young skin Hydrated skin Thick and long eyelashes

3-Bulky lips:

Many women operate is the lips to give more volume, and many are unaware that there are some beauty tricks to give a big, fleshy look.
In addition to always moisturize them, we explain how you can massage them to give them volume and color in a few minutes.
How do we do it?
Apply a little vegetable oil on the lips.
We uppercase throughout our mouth with one hand and drag it horizontally towards the outer side, massage not only lips but the area around, which also tends to have stress and is where wrinkles appear.
Then we do the same with your other hand, and therefore in the other direction.
Repeat it 10 times with each hand.

4-Big eyes:

Facial tension and problems of vision, among others, make our eyes go dwarfing and surrounding wrinkles. To avoid this, in addition to reviewing our view to use glasses or contact lenses suitable we will carry out an exercise to relax our eyes and all the muscles surrounding them.
We will make it by rubbing our hands so that they come into heat and supporting the eyes closed in the Palm of your hands for a few minutes. We will notice how the eyes are relaxed, as well as skin that is around, and often show the first facial wrinkles.
In addition, we can also tighten the eyes and relax them several times a day, to avoid accumulating more stress on that area.

Homemade 5 tricks to beautify your face Young skin Hydrated skin Thick and long eyelashes

5-Hydrated skin:

Finally do not forget to always keep our skin hydrated. The best way is to use vegetable oils suitable to our skin:
Oil rose hip or olive for dry skin.
Oil jojoba for combination skin.
Coconut oil mixed with aloe vera for oily skins.
We can also get used to use the peelings from fruits and vegetables to pass them by the skin of our faces while we cook. We recommend especially that of Apple, of cucumber, Zucchini or the avocado.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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