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Muffin stuffed with Nutella

It is popularly said that absolute happiness does not exist, but if present, should be very similar to enjoy a delicious muffin stuffed with Nutella. The muffins are a few cupcakes delicious, highly appreciated in households not to be too sweet and fluffy texture. Since they tend not to sweeten too, many people filled them with delicacies, like Nutella, achieving a perfect balance between texture and flavor.
The muffin offer millions of possibilities, so they adapt easily to the tastes of anyone, whether sweet, salted, fillings, icings, accompanied with fruit, chocolates, dried fruits... The limit is your imagination. So we present this delicious recipe, in addition to being extremely easy and contain ingredients that you can buy in your visit to the supermarket.

Muffin stuffed with Nutella cupcakes delicious Recipe in english Dessert


75 grams of margarine at room temperature
100 grams of white sugar
1 egg
Vanilla extract (Optional)
120 ml whole milk
100 grams of flour
90 g white flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
1 tablespoon of nutmeg (optional)
1 tablespoon salt
8 tablespoons of Nutella (one for each muffin)
1 square of butter


Prepare a muffin you will not involve greater effort, but please bear in mind that you will need tools such as molds. Before, the first thing you have to do is preheat the oven to 210 °.
While the oven is hot, place in a large bowl margarine and sugar to speed average in the mixer until the mixture takes a white. Once you have taken the desired color, we put the egg and milk.
We now proceed to sift flour 2 kinds, passing them through a sieve, add the yeast, cinnamon and nutmeg. At this point if you wish, you can also put just a little bit of salt and without beating too hard, we integrate all the dry ingredients of the recipe.
Once we have incorporated all of these ingredients, we proceed to mix them together with the mass we have prepared with flour, egg, milk and sugar. Stir well, this will depend on the spongy texture that take our muffin.
Now, helped a spoon, pour a bit of the mixture to the half of the muffin pan, then we add a spoonful of Nutella and cover it with more mixture. We repeat this on each of the muffin pans.
We carry our mold to the oven, which at this time should already be hot and leave it for five minutes. After this elapsed time, we lower the oven temperature to 180° C and leave that they baking for an additional 15 minutes. It is very important that not open the oven while are being prepared the muffin, so it will be vital to your recipe, you monitor the time.
Once ready let them rest so cool and already you will have ready your muffin. However, if you want an extra touch, you can prepare a simple cover of cinnamon. This is done with a bit of brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. To do this, simply melts the butter (can be in the microwave or on the stove) and besides, mix sugar and cinnamon until they are well integrated. Now covers the upper part of your muffin with a layer of butter and place them face down on the sugar-cinnamon mixture. You will see how they are left with a thin, crispy and delicious.
Now comes the best cooking, accompanies your muffin with a drink and get ready to give you the taste of life.

Muffin stuffed with Nutella cupcakes delicious Recipe in english Dessert

Additional tips:

Margarine should be at room temperature because this will facilitate you the process of adding it to other products.
With the amount of flour that has, one cannot say that this is a particularly diet dish, but should you embarrassing not to consume milk whole, you can change it by soy milk and margarine by mild olive oil.
Salt is used in the preparation of sweet dishes to further highlight the flavor of the preparation.
You can override the use of the mixer, but you will take much time to get the desired result.
Try this tasty,easy and best recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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