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Natural treatment for sleep apnea

This disorder at the time of sleep is considered "serious" because it stops the flow of oxygen leading to different parts of the body while it is resting. It is caused by different causes and its typical symptoms are pauses in breathing, snoring, choking, and drowsiness, among others. Discover information and natural treatment for the sleep in the following article.

Natural treatment for sleep apnea Habits, remedies and tips symptoms relieves inflammation

1-Sleep apnea: knowing the problem:

It is a disorder that affects the normal functioning of breathing during sleep. It can cause shallow breathing or short breaks in the normal flow of air, between 15 and 20 seconds.
Sleep apnea prevents us from sleep in peace at night, thus you can experience a lighter sleep, nightmares, or lack of full restoration of the body, resulting in low energy, lower productivity, moodiness, irritability, decreased mental consciousness.
If it is not as expected, sleep apnea can bring as consequence daytime sleepiness, slow reflexes, and increased risk of accidents. At the same time, it causes health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease.
The symptoms of sleep apnea can be difficult to identify due to occur at night and while we sleep. A family member or partner is that detects certain changes in the dream of anyone who have a side.
Some of the signs that it is suffering from this problem are:

Pauses in breathing.
Very loud snoring.
Choking or I wheeze.
Daytime sleepiness.
Restless sleep.
Feeling of shortness of breath to wake up at night.
Go to the bathroom frequently early in the morning.
Wake up to the mouth or throat dry.
Have headache in the morning.
Inability to concentrate at work.
Mood swings.
Take strange sleeping positions.
Excessive perspiration in the evenings.
Suffer nightmares.
Breathing through the mouth.
Low overall performance.
Some risk factors that can encourage apnoea are: smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, obesity, enlarged tonsils or language, the obstruction of the nasal Canal and family history. In addition, men often suffer more than this problem than women.

Natural treatment for sleep apnea Habits, remedies and tips symptoms relieves inflammation

2-Habits, remedies and tips to treat sleep apnea:

In terms of attitudes to sleep to avoid this problem, we can distinguish two:

On one side
Sleeping on your side (no matter if it's right or left) benefits the entrance of air into the lungs. The opposite occurs when sleep is mouth below or on the back. Clear that while we sleep we can not give account of positions we take, therefore, a good way is to place a large cushion or sleeping against a wall.
Another trick involves sewing or tying an annoying object in the clothes that we used to sleep, both on the back and chest, so we turn, we bothered and we will return to the correct position.
With the head elevated
Use more than one pillow or cushion to lift up their heads above what you're accustomed. This will improve your breathing at night. If you feel that it is not very comfortable, you can gradually add height gradually. Also you have to lift the chest and head. If you're buying a new bed, for example, you can get the rest by parts. Alternatively, place an object in front of the bed legs so that it is at an angle. Many suggest that this is much more effective than using pillows.
In relation to the advice or tips to eliminate sleep apnea, we can not set aside:
to lose weight
Excess weight and obesity aggravate the symptoms. Begins to have a healthier diet, physical exercise at least twice a week, eat more fruits and vegetables, leaves fried foods, sugars and fats, and drink two litres of water a day. A light weight loss will significantly improve symptoms because it will allow you to open the airway.
Quit smoking
The cigarette is another one of the aggravating factors of sleep apnea. Smoking accumulates fluid in the throat, and this may be causing inflammation in the upper respiratory tract. And in addition, quitting will bring you many health benefits.
Avoid consuming alcohol
Alcoholic beverages, like sedatives, have the ability to relax the muscles in the throat, altering their functions. Also it is advised not to drink too much caffeine during the day, but above all after sunset, because it interferes with the normal rhythm of sleep.
Dinner not heavily
Go to bed full of food may alter the rest, as well as affect the process of air to enter the lungs.

3-Natural remedies for sleep apnea:

Natural treatment for sleep apnea Habits, remedies and tips symptoms relieves inflammation


This herb is used for many years to help to sleep better and relax, therefore, improves the quality of sleep. Perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares because of apnea.

Essential oils:

The most recommended sleep are Chamomile, lavender and Primrose. The latter relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. You can apply it at the temples with a massage or you can use in a diffuser. If you want to relieve congestion in the nasal passages, the best option is the essential oil of eucalyptus. Add a few drops to a bowl of boiling water and inhale the vapors.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.