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It naturally purifies your body in 3 days

Daily we are adding to our body different toxins through food. If that we add to the stress, environmental pollution and the problems facing us, we can understand why us will filled with negative things that need removing. Find out how is naturally cleaned the body in 3 days.

It naturally purifies your body in 3 days Healthy diet Detoxify the body Breakfast Proper Diet plan

1-Why clean the body?

Just as we take a shower every day, wash our clothes and brush our teeth, inside our body requires periodic cleaning. It is necessary that we detoxify by the consumption of foods full of toxic, chemicals, refined flours, sugars, fried foods and foods of animal origin (meat and dairy).
Also, it is necessary that we clean up by lead a sedentary life, by environmental pollution of cities, stress, emotional States, concerns, etc.
All of this for years and years is weakening the organs and the body in general. That is why they appear certain diseases, we are tired, our skin is seen as off, it hurts the stomach, we cool once a month, etc. If we interpret all these signals as a message from the agency, we will begin to care for it a little more.
Although the ideal would be to carry out a raw vegan diet, not everyone is willing to do so. You don't need to deprive you of all the things that you like, but you think that eating more and healthier and that "fast food" is an exception to the rule. In this way, the body will be getting rid of toxins and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

2-How to purify or cleanse the body:

1.Consume organic products:

Probably has a fair of fruits, vegetables and organic food near your House. It is true that they are a little more expensive that which we find in the market, however, are of better quality, they are free from fertilizers and pesticides, hormones, growth, etc. If you have room in your House, you choose to start a vegetable garden and harvesting your own natural food.

2.Drink plenty of water:

Water hydrates all organs and also allows us to eliminate, through urine, the wastes from the body. At least you should drink two liters a day (eight vessels). Increases that amount if it is hot, if you're doing sport or if your activities are very busy. advised to turn to drink a glass of cold water when you get up and another at bedtime. You can eat fruits and vegetables rich in water as Apple, watermelon, tomato and cucumber, drink juices of fruits and teas without sugar, especially green tea.

It naturally purifies your body in 3 days Healthy diet Detoxify the body Breakfast Proper Diet plan

3.Consume more fiber:

He has a goal similar to the water: let us eliminate toxins, in this case through feces. Fiber improves digestive function, prevent constipation and helps the body remove all preservatives and debris that accumulate in the digestive tract. Oats, brown rice, whole pasta, seeds, nuts and fruits provide you a lot of fibers.

4.Do not drink coffee or alcohol:

These two very popular and consumed drinks are not good for our body, because they work more to the liver and kidneys, damaging them and causing diseases such as obesity or diabetes. While it is good to drink a glass of red wine at lunch, is not recommended unless the daily dose is greater than that. In the case of coffee, try to be natural and non-industrial.

5.Eat depurant foods for the body:

Among the most recommended lemon (juice mixed with water), the beet or sugar beet (with many fibers), garlic (removes the pathogens causing diseases) and dandelion (get infusions either eat the leaves raw in salad).

3-3 day diet to clean the body:

First day:

Breakfast consumed 250 g of chopped fruit, a glass of nonfat yogurt, two tablespoons of wheat or oat bran, five tablespoons of whole grain cereal and a cup of green tea without sugar.
At mid-morning, 200 grams of fresh fruit or 30 grams of dried fruit and two glasses of water.
At lunch, a salad of raw or cooked vegetables, 200 grams of fish, chicken or Turkey (not fried), a cup of brown rice and two glasses of water.
In the afternoon, 200 g of fruit and two glasses of water.
For dinner, a portion of vegetable soup, a glass of yogurt and two tablespoons of wheat bran.

Second day:

At breakfast, a glass of pineapple juice with a tablespoon of flaxseed, a toast bread with low-fat cheese and an infusion of Chamomile.
By mid morning, half yacon with a cup of green tea.
At lunch, a cup of cooked Brown rice, a fillet of grilled fish and a salad of lettuce, tomato, celery and radishes.
To medium late, medium fruit, and for dinner, a dollop of cream of vegetables and one cup of gelatin.

It naturally purifies your body in 3 days Healthy diet Detoxify the body Breakfast Proper Diet plan

Third day:

For breakfast, a cup of pineapple juice, a glass of nonfat yogurt and a toast from bread with a slice of ham or Turkey.
The morning a handful of nuts.
For lunch, a salad of whole wheat flour noodles cold with broccoli, carrots and peas and 200 grams of chicken or Turkey (not fried).
Average afternoon a piece of fruit, and for dinner a piece of fish with lemon juice.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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