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How to remove grease from hair

Greasy hair is not only a problem of genetic or skin type, but that hair is getting dirty during the day and that increases the oiliness. Soot, passing dirty hands through the hair, the particles, the dead cells, not be washed every day, can also cause more fat. In the next article you indicate how to remove grease from the hair naturally, following simple tips and using natural remedies.
Despite guard, sometimes it is not enough and the hair is greasy. This is because the scalp is producing more sebum than normal. Hair grease is not always by organ dysfunction, but because the hormones secreted more fat in the body. Therefore, at certain times such as pregnancy and adolescence, increases fat in the scalp and, consequently, in hair.

1-Why growing fat on the hair?

How to remove grease from hair Home remedies for hair oiliness  Hair massage

The reasons why we can have more oily hair are:

Inappropriate or lack of wash washing:

Use very strong or with too many cleaning products chemicals is not good for the skin. Many shampoos or conditioners are irritating and affect the pH of the skin. This can stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands. The same happens when we miss several days without washing the hair, especially when it is very hot.

Genetic or hormonal factors:

The tendency to oily hair might be hereditary in some cases. In regards to hormonal factors, as mentioned above, at certain stages of life, hair is can oil more than in others, as for example in pregnancy, puberty and menstruation. In those moments, there is a higher Sebaceous production.

Very straight or fine hair:

Each strand of hair has two or three sebaceous glands that moisturize it or supplying it. If the hair is too thin it does not use all the fat secreted, so the excess is deposited on the surface.

2-Tips for removing grease from hair:

How to remove grease from hair Home remedies for hair oiliness  Hair massage

Care if you take birth control pills:

If you're a woman and you consume contraceptives, hormones may be wreaking havoc on your scalp. If from one moment to another hair has become more greasy, you can consult the gynecologist to know if that may be the reason. Certain pills have more or less hormonal effects, depending on the dose of different hormones that contain, therefore you can produce more or less amount of sebum.

Avoid heat:

During the summer, it is more likely to have more fat in the hair, due to increased perspiration and the scalp is in contact with the Sun. The heat stimulates the production of sebaceous glands. The same happens when you use a hair dryer, the planchita or hot shower water. Bathe with warm water, use hats or scarves and trafficking that the hair to dry on its own.

Do not brush it when it is dry:

The only time that you can brush your hair is after washing it, to untangle. Then when it dries, you don't want to do touch it nor with the comb or with your hands or fingers. This only serves to multiply the fat. Also it is advised not to brush before bedtime. Brushes that are used are those of natural bristles. Get your Combs clean, wash them once a week.

Anything from massages or touch the hair:

It is common when we are bored, for example, touch the hair and that is not good if you have it is very fatty. He is not advisable to do massage and washing, touch as little as possible. If you are nervous or anxious, don't do curls in your hair, for example. All grease and dirt from your hands will hair and grease it more.

How to remove grease from hair Home remedies for hair oiliness  Hair massage

3-Home remedies for hair oiliness:

You know the reasons why hair oils, how can you do to avoid it. Now it is time to learn some natural recipes to remove the oiliness of the hair:

Lemon juice:

Squeeze the juice of two lemons and mix with 2 cups of distilled water. Place it in a container and after washing the hair get a final rinse with this mixture. Leave on for five minutes and then rinse. Keep in mind that this home remedy can lighten the hair. He is not recommended to use it during the day, because the lime stain skin.
Pony tail
Boiling a cup of distilled water, place two tablespoons of dried leaves of ponytail and pours water into a glass jar. Let stand 15 minutes and strain it into a plastic container. Leave it in the bathroom and use it as a final rinse.
Egg yolk
Mix two egg yolks with some drops of lemon juice in a bowl. Apply after showering, with still-wet hair. Leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse. Remember that lemon can stain the scalp. Do it once a week.

Apple vinegar:

Apple Cider vinegar is very good to remove the oiliness of your hair. When you're done wash your hair, mix in a bowl with a splash of vinegar warm water and check as a final rinse. The good news is that this recipe will give you a great shine on the hair.

Hamamelis water:

You can get it at health food or dietary houses. It is an astringent that is very good to remove the fat and it can also be used on the face. Make a mixture in equal parts with distilled water and witch hazel and lacking in the hair as a final rinse.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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