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"Japanese" mask to rejuvenate the face

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to rejuvenate the face? Obviously the miracles there, but what if we can get is to provide to our face brighter, more tonacidad, more elasticity. And a simple and effective remedy is to avail ourselves of this economic "Japanese" mask. Want to know what it is?

"Japanese" mask to rejuvenate the face healthy skin beauty tips skin care

1-Benefits of rice to rejuvenate the face:

All know how much we spend regularly in the field of cosmetics, creams and treatments. Too, no doubt. The curious thing about all these industries dedicated to the world of beauty is that they used natural elements that are access to all of us. But obviously, they include them and synthesize in larger quantities in these creams so practical that we usually test throughout our lives, depending on our age and our needs.
In our space you have often spoken elements so wonderful as the avocado, grapes or aloe vera for our beauty, but today we want to introduce you a so staple that, probably not you've taken into account so far: rice. Kill of Japanese origin? So. One very traditional within oriental female world. We explain your benefits.
Rice is a good tonic for the skin. It has an element called inositol super slow down aging, stimulate blood circulation and very properly managed the overall health of the skin.
It is rich in vitamin B. You know the great virtue of vitamin B to take care of our skin, our hair, our fingernails..., stimulates its regeneration, its smoothness, its strength against external elements.
Moisturizes, regenerates and firms the skin. This virtue is derived primarily from the water of rice, a very traditional remedy for Japanese women.
Anti-wrinkle effect. As you have pointed out, the secret of the rice to rejuvenate the face lies in inositol. Corrects wrinkles and stimulates the circulation in the skin of the face, always so delicate.
It's a great exfoliate. It is surprising, but these virtues we must add also pitico acid. And what makes this element? Eliminate dead cells, help us little by little to rejuvenate the face.
It eliminates the acne spots. Again, it is the water of rice which forms part of this ideal treatment to clean our skin of foreign elements. Debugging it, it tones, reduces facial spots caused by acne. It is ideal to perform treatment at least two days a week.

"Japanese" mask to rejuvenate the face healthy skin beauty tips skin care

2-"Japanese" mask to rejuvenate the face:

Now you know that our mask of Japanese origin will have rice as a staple. Rich in vitamins and rejuvenating elements is worthwhile that we apply ourselves this remedy twice a week. If you wish you can complement this mask with your usual creams, it is thus a simple way to obtain benefits in the most economical way possible. And we assure you. It offers good results.

1. What do I need to elaborate my mask?

Our mask Rejuvenates the face will need the following items:

3 tablespoons organic Brown rice. You can find it at natural stores, you are looking for above all is that it is organic, i.e., free of pesticides or chemicals. In this way we obtain all the natural properties of rice.
A tablespoon and a half of distilled water.
Two tablespoons of avocado.
Half a tablespoon of honey.

"Japanese" mask to rejuvenate the face healthy skin beauty tips skin care

2. How prepared my mask to rejuvenate the face?

Very easy, as you can already tell, what are going to do is cook the rice. It is a very small amount as you can see, but what we want is that our mask is freshly cooked, there where we can benefit from their virtues. As heat until rice is tender, and then separates the water obtained rice. Reserve both.
What we will do now is to take the rice, and in a bowl, add the avocado and honey. With the help of a spoon remove well to create a fine and homogenous paste. When it is ready, we will apply it on our skin.
Leave to act in the face at least for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, when you retire it, take a cotton and clean your face with water from rice who had obtained and which were reserved. Thus, we exfoliate and treated small spots and impurities.
As you can see this mask of Japanese origin is very complete, simple and economical. We benefit from own rice and its water. If you prepare yourself this remedy twice a week, you'll rejuvenate your face every day. Try it!
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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