Friday, April 10, 2015

Positions that will alleviate your back pain

At the end of the day our backs loaded lot of weight, stress and the trouble and has also suffered the consequences of spending too many hours sitting or standing. We can usually recover overnight, but sometimes, it may also worsen our rest.
In this article, you will learn some simple postures that will alleviate your back pain naturally.

Positions that will alleviate your back pain Exercise easy and useful homemade tips

1-Hug knees:

This position is ideal for every day back home or just before going to sleep.
We bust on the floor face up and take your knees into your chest to embrace them with arms, if possible until you take us elbows.
We feel like the hollow of the lumbar nears the ground
We can further enhance relaxation if we balance gently to one side and to the other, without letting your legs. We are thus relaxing the muscles on both sides of the column.
We'll do it for 5 or 10 minutes.
To undo the posture, lower first one leg and then the other, and we will spend a few moments with his legs outstretched.

2-The position of the faithful:

This stance is still easier than the previous one.
Sit on your knees, we will build on the heels and let fall the body forward, stretching arms and supporting the palms of your hands on the ground. The head will be hidden between the arms.
We will deeply breathe 10 times, allowing to relax the entire back.
Then, we will slightly break knees, opening them out, and allowing that our torso closer still a little on the ground.
We will deeply breathe 10 times more.
Finally, we will again raise the knees and stretch arms backwards, also on the ground.
We will breathe deeply about last 10 times.

3-Against the wall:

This stance not only will relax all our backs, but it will also improve circulation in our legs. Is ideal for those who suffer from varicose veins, pain or heaviness in the legs.
We bust next to a wall and will raise up the legs, which we will support totally straight. Our body will therefore form a right angle between the floor and the wall. If we get tired we can slightly bend your knees.
It is essential that the lumbar are flat on the ground and that, as we breathe, can feel how the gap that separates them from the soil is becoming smaller.

Positions that will alleviate your back pain Exercise easy and useful homemade tips

4-The sides of the body:

To relax the back side we bust us upside down, open arms in cross, and approach the right knee to the left arm, keeping the left leg straight. We will notice as all the right side of our body is stretched.
Two minutes and remain in this position and do the same with the opposite side.
At the end of this exercise, we will repeat the first or second position of this article for relaxing all back again.

5-Two pillows to sleep:

In addition to the pillow that we use for the head, if we suffer back pain, we can sleep much more comfortable if we use another pillow for our legs. Thus, we will relax the tension of the back and we will rise much more rested in the morning.
Pillow place it in two ways, depending on whether sleep mouth up or side:
For those who sleep face up: place the pillow just below the knees, so that the legs are slightly bent. At the moment we will notice how lower back relax.
For those who sleep on side: this position tends to affect our knees and hips and, as a consequence, lower back, so place the pillow between two knees, so that the legs are slightly separated and more balanced body.

Positions that will alleviate your back pain Exercise easy and useful homemade tips

6-Applying heat:

In addition to these positions every day, for 10 to 15 minutes, also we ease far behind if we apply heat to the painful area. We can use a bag of hot water or a power mat.
Local heat relaxes the muscles and it also benefits the bodies. If we apply, for example, in the upper lumbar area, we will be giving heat to our kidneys, which will also be very healthy.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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