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How to increase metabolism with green tea and cayenne pepper

Both infusion and seasoning have similar properties where metabolism is concerned. For this reason, a group of researchers has conducted a study to determine how to increase metabolism with green tea and cayenne pepper. You can know the results in this article.
Spicy food has its benefits (beyond of the thirst or the tears that we can produce). Green tea is the best for weight loss. So, what happens if they are consumed in a same intake?

How to increase metabolism with green tea and cayenne pepper

1-Metabolism and food:

There are different foods that have the ability to increase and accelerate metabolism and energy that we use on a daily basis. It known as thermogenic, because they manage the body to burn more calories that tends to burn normally. Basically, all foods containing two substances in particular (which you have below) has this capability.
The 'hot' components are capsaicin (in the spicy) and catechins (in tea). They can increase by up to 5% (or 100 calories) per day, as well as also burn up to 16% more than fat.

2-Capsaicin to increase metabolism:

If you ever have eaten a spicy pepper in the food secure you've experienced a horrible burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and stomach. Perhaps you've cried, sweated or suddenly felt very thirsty.
This capsaicin produces everything. This component of the spicy food helps to increase metabolic rate. The bad news is that for more than to drink water cold, fire will not disappear from your mouth. You can try a glass of milk, which has better results.
Capsaicin activates the so-called hormones "of flight" as adrenaline and dopamine. Some of the effects are accelerated beating of the heart, deep, rapid breathing or movement of fats and glucose into the blood so that the muscles are ready for action.
There are different foods and condiments that have a large amount of capsaicin, as it is the case of cayenne pepper. Does not need to suffer to consume it if you like, for example, to lose weight, but yes you can add a little this spice to your dishes or inbound.
The good thing is that it will improve the taste of your food and your metabolism will be going into action slowly, without such drastic consequences such as inflammation of the mouth and tongue, that thirst is not calming with nothing or excessive perspiration.

How to increase metabolism with green tea and cayenne pepper

3-The catechin to increase metabolism:

This substance has properties similar to capsaicin. Green tea contains catechin but also caffeine, therefore the effect is greater, although we can not see it in the mouth or eyes. It also offers antioxidant phytochemicals, which increases fat oxidation, i.e., burn it. How is it accomplished? By activating the enzymes that are tasked to metabolize food.
Drinking green tea will do to increase your levels of norepinephrine, a hormone that blocks certain enzymes. As in the case of capsaicin, this results in your body is put on alert, ready to run out or the action. This does not mean that after drinking green tea have the ability to compete in a marathon, but that your body will have the ability to operate more quickly.
Not everyone green tea works to lose weight, by more than studies confirm time and again that he is one of the most effective remedies for weight loss. This happens for different reasons. One of them is the hereditary issue. It was found that Asians get more benefit from this infusion than Caucasians. But this is not reliable at 100% and there are exceptions.

4-Combine green tea and cayenne pepper:

Recipes do not occur to us for drinking green tea and eating pepper at the same time, although perhaps for some people it is delicious. What you can do is start adding both foods in your daily diet from now on. If you join your agency capsaicin and catechin, this will automatically begin to metabolize faster, which will result in a burning of calories or fat.
Another benefit (as if losing weight already little) is that these two compounds are used to reduce "cravings" or want to eat anytime, especially food salty snacks or fast food and full of fat in the evening. Reduce your appetite and help you to have more strength and energy to carry out your daily duties.

5-What other foods increase metabolism?

In addition to green tea and cayenne pepper, if you want to increase your metabolism and burn fat faster, feel free to eat the following foods:

1.Whole grains:

For example, oats and brown rice. They are full of carbohydrates and complex nutrients that stabilize insulin levels and at the same time accelerate the metabolism. Offer, at the same time, lots of energy and are more healthful than sugar-packed foods.


It has a lot of calcium, which serves to reduce the fat, but also has vitamins A, C and K. A portion of broccoli will provide you dietary fiber and antioxidants to speed up the body's metabolism.
3.Vegetable soup:
In order to enjoy all the nutrients, it should be vegetables and not cube or concentrate. If you drink a bowl of soup before lunch or dinner (as a starter), you can increase the metabolism before the meal, so swallow less food, while continuing to nurture you.

How to increase metabolism with green tea and cayenne pepper


Citrus fruits such as Orange have the ability to maintain high metabolism. This is due to the amount of vitamin C troop, which, it is proven, it reduces the imbalance of insulin in the blood.
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