Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to maintain your ideal weight

Important it is today to maintain an ideal weight and avoid different health conditions directly associated with this topic.
Do you actually know the number of problems you can cause you if not take a healthy and balanced diet?
It is only by the aesthetic part which, of course, is also a significant factor. Being overweight is causing problems with self-esteem, lack of interest ahead because of fear of discrimination, among other situations.
Obese people usually prefer to hide behind a desk or a counter order not to expose their real appearance. Some, although not in all cases they are not sociable people, tapeworms become and cease to relate to others.
And of course there are diseases associated with poor diet.

How to maintain your ideal weight

1- What these diseases or conditions?

Heart problems
Fatty liver
Insulin resistance
Varicose ulcers
Deviations from column
Difficulties to breathe and do normal physical activity
Easy fatigue, even in daily activities
Circulatory problems
Erectile dysfunction
Renal failure
This list could go on but we limit ourselves to these situations to give you an idea of that being overweight is not only an aesthetic issue, but can cause serious damage to your health.
It is important to emphasize that obesity does not occur from one day to the morning, is rather slow and progressive process due to bad eating habits that are maintained over time. If you do not correct your diet today, you can get it then.

How to maintain your ideal weight

2- Important:

Nutritionists say that our metabolism is becoming more slowly with the passing of the years, that's able to when you were younger perhaps you were feeding in the same way that today but without increasing weight considerably, but in your present is not the same situation and notes as you go increasing weight without much changing your habits.
Another interesting affirmation of these health professionals means that it is not good to live in diet, healthy really is to learn to live with good health habits, in short, learning to eat.
Living to diet only causes descend momentarily weight to then regain or exceed the weight prior to the diet. The important thing is to eat healthy every day, you can give you tastes or also allowed appeals, but always within limits.
Who does not want to suddenly eating sweets, or any pizza or Burger, but if you take in account that the next day you have to do physical activity to burn the calories extras that you consumed is not a problem of consideration. Provided it does not become a habit.
When you raise weight is because you eat more calories than you burn, and when low weight is because you burn more calories than you eat. Our body is in constant activity, even when we sleep our cells continue to work and burn calories.
The problem is that if not burn with physical activity of more calories that we eat, these will accumulate in fat producing weight gain.

3- Professional advice:

For this reason it is very important that even if you don't have problems with your weight you go to a professional that you will guide on how to lead a healthy, varied diet and with all the nutrients that your body needs in particular, according to your daily activity.
An overweight person is not for anything synonymous with good health, as well as it is not a thin but poorly nourished person.

4- The water:

Water is also an essential ingredient to maintain your ideal weight, because it will help your body rid of toxins and waste products from efficiently. To exercise and consume water fats may actually be eliminated through urine, and avoiding also another problem associated with overweight: fluid retention.

How to maintain your ideal weight

5- Keep in mind:

The perfect combination would then be, healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity of at least 30 to 40 minutes per day and as a grand finale ingest enough water. Always keeping in mind your health condition, your doctor will evaluate if you are able to make physical activity and intensity.
Taking into account these recommendations you will enjoy a healthy body and fit, avoiding the list of diseases caused by an imbalance in your body weight.
Note: If you are currently overweight not started hasty diets, see a professional that you indicate how to lose weight while eating correctly, the nutritionist evaluated as lose those extra pounds and how to keep you in shape then.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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