Saturday, November 14, 2015

Simple treatments for vaginal infections

Many women often suffer from vaginal infections and all the inconvenience involved, such as itching, burning, irritation, abnormal discharge, etc., which affects them in their daily lives and their intimate relationships.
In this article you will learn how you can solve this problem by following the guidelines that we propose. In short, a treatment that is completely natural and simple remedies that you can make at home.

Simple treatments for vaginal infections

1- A pinch of baking soda:

When we suffer an infection, vaginal altered its pH, which occurs most acidified than normal. A very easy way, but it requires some continuity, it consists of applying a pinch of baking soda powder directly in the labia, to go alkaline again the pH and thus prevent that they live and grow bacteria and harmful fungi.
In fact, in general, to wash our intimate zone we don't need soaps or conventional gels, since they damage our pH, but that we can use those who are natural and organic, made with Glycerin or coconut oil, either water simply boiled with a little baking.

2- The remedy of garlic:

Garlic is the best remedy to fight fungi and parasites, as we have explained in other articles. And although taking it orally can raise our defenses and deal with them from the inside, here you will learn a simple and quick way to fight them directly.
We will need a clove of raw garlic and peeled, that we click with the help of a fork or stick so you take their nutrients more easily. This garlic will have to insert into the vagina as deep as we can. To then it get easier we can wrap it in a sterile gauze that we soak in olive oil, so that gauze tips protrude from the vagina.
This treatment is performed in the evening before going to sleep for three nights.

Simple treatments for vaginal infections

3- Douching:

Vaginal washes are performed with the help of a PEAR of rubber or silicone, similar to those used to make bowel enemas. In this PEAR introduce the liquid or the preparation that we have done, and when we have the list introduce the cannula into our vagina, to press the bulb and introduce the liquid.
Then we will have to retain fluid inside for a few minutes and then expel it into the toilet.
Liquids should always be warm or room temperature.

What can you do a wash?

Thyme: thyme is a medicinal plant used in all kinds of infections, since it has antiseptic properties which help to disinfect any part of our body without altering pH. We will prepare a fairly concentrated infusion.
Yogurt and sea water: A combination of two breaths that are also excellent natural medicines; yogurt and sea water, since the first improves our vaginal flora and the second is a powerful alkaline and re-mineralizing. Mixture that we will make will be 50% of natural yogurt with 50% of sea water, emulsified until completely blended.
Non-pasteurized apple cider vinegar: vinegar has also been widely used as old remedy for women, thanks to its affordable price and its ability to get it. It not only helps us to fight pathogens, but it also promotes a healthy vaginal flora. But this must be an organic vinegar with "live" ferment, not pasteurized, which today are not so easy to find. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar for every liter of water.
Supplement of bacterial flora (lactobacillus), usually taken orally. But we can use those same capsules empty them in water to get a vaginal wash them. Its action will be much more direct.

4- Other tips:

As always explained, if we want to solve a problem of natural health will have to do it from different perspectives, taking care of the food, avoiding bad habits, and following treatments, with medical supervision whenever it is necessary.
For vaginal infections, it is very important that we avoid in our diet specially refined flour and sugar.
On the other hand, will help us very positively take oil of evening primrose and Borage, directly or in capsules, which will provide us fatty acid omega-6.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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