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Solution to greasy hair

There are many solutions to treat greasy hair, one of them is to maintain a daily wash, several rinses and use of air conditioners for the hair or more specific treatments for excess of bait in the hairy body.
If you are looking for a natural shampoo for oily hair, which can clean and drag grease scalp and hair root. At home, you can make these preparations based on natural ingredients. They can also be other solutions though siemrpe is best natural, but you can opt for choose a shampoo with a high content of sodium laurisulfato and low in any type of conditioner, such as lanolin.

Solution to greasy hair

1- Solutions to treat greasy hair:

If your hair is dandruff, but is equally greasy you can get good results with an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains coal tar. The formulas used to produce these shampoos tend to dry more greasy hair.

2- Wash your hair twice a day:

It may be obvious that you need to wash your hair every day, up to two times in a warm and humid climate. But above all, should apply shampoo twice every time you shampoo: lather and leave it in your hair for a few minutes (what gives it time to remove the FAT), rinse thoroughly and then repeat in the same way. Do not use conditioner. All that is to return the fat that you have so carefully washed.

3- Change the rinse cycle:

It's okay to rinse hair with water, but you will get better results if you use a concentrated infusion of Rosemary. This herb contains essential oils that help to control overproduction of fat on the scalp.

Solution to greasy hair

4- Rinse with Rosemary infusion:

To rinse, put 2 tablespoons of dried Rosemary in a cup of water boiling. Leave infusion stand for 20 minutes, strain, cool and pour into an empty plastic bottle. You can apply this rinse for oily hair after deleting shampoo with water. It is not necessary to rinse because this way you can enjoy the fragrance of Rosemary.

5- Get a lemon juice rinse:

Mix the juice of two lemons with two cups of distilled water and pour into a bottle of shampoo. After washing and rinsing your hair, dry it and apply the mixture on the scalp. Leave it for five minutes, so that the acid of the lemon juice acts on fat. Then rinse your hair with cold water.

6- White vinegar:

The vinegar, which is also acid, can remove fat from your hair. Mix a cup of vinegar with water and use it as a final rinse for hair. The smell of the vinegar will quickly fade after application on the hair.

Solution to greasy hair

7- Use of mouthwash, where more extreme:

If you have the hair extremely fatty could prepare a solution which will help to reduce the production of sebum in the scalp. In a small cup, mix equal parts of witch hazel with any commercial mouthwash. Both ingredients are astringent, which means that they help close the pores of the skin to dry out. Soak a ball of cotton in the solution and rub on the scalp (not in hair) this should be done after the final rinse. You should use caution when performing this treatment, since can not be used more than once a week because it can damage the skin if this is very sensitive.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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