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How to make homemade and biodegradable bath salts

Who needs not once in a while a good relaxing bath? There is nothing more appropriate to recover our physical and mental health all over a gift for the senses that, be accompanied by a good bath salts, completed further proper muscular and Dermatologist action. What if we learn to prepare them at home? They are ecological, cheap and really beneficial for your body. You'll love them!

How to make homemade and biodegradable bath salts

1- The benefits of homemade and organic bath salts:

Bath salts are known for their beneficial properties. They are ideal to act as relaxing muscle, they have appropriate principles anti-stress and energy that always they come well after a heavy day's work.
Simply dive half an hour in a bath with them, to enjoy their dermatological effects as if we were in a genuine thermal area. By immersing ourselves in them, the action of minerals begin to surround us, to caress with combination of basic elements that relax. That our body and our mind he wrapped in a pleasant rest.
It is well true that fill all a bathtub with water is a small cost, but if we have an adequate system House for reuse the water it will not pose any problem. There are many homes for example, reusing bath water to later integrate into washer to wash clothes, a great idea that everyone should be able to apply in our homes.
Also noted you that although there are many types of bath salts on the market, most contain perfumes and slightly toxic additives, which ends up being not exactly healthy for our skin and our body. It is worth knowing it. That is why I recommend to prepare them yourself at home. It is fun, easy and very inexpensive. Do you feel like?

How to make homemade and biodegradable bath salts

2- How to make homemade bath salts?

Make bath salt at home is very easy and you'll love for example to do it with children. If we are looking for a well nice Bowl and decorate it well, you can become an excellent gift to friends and family. As you can see, it can become something really funny, practical and economic to do. It is worth trying it.
We will use easy-to-get ingredients. For example you can find essential oils in perfumery and natural stores. We encourage you to choose those who are more to your liking, for example reminding you that both Lavender, roses, and birch or geranium are the most relaxing, and those who act better at muscular level. But we see already what we need and how we are going to do it. Takes note.

What do we need?

1Kg of Marine Salt very thick
3 Tablespoons of salts Epsom (is magnesium sulfate, and is commonly sold in the perfumeries).
2 Tablespoons small of sodium bicarbonate.
7 Drops of food coloring blue (or the color you want).
Essential Oils, you want, we, for example we recommend 30 drops of geranium, 30 drops of grapefruit, 30 drops of tangerine, 10 drops of birch.
10 Grams of dried flowers (as for example roses).
* As guidance, in each bathroom with sea salts are going to use between 50 grams and 100 grams of them.

How to make homemade and biodegradable bath salts

How do we do it?

Well, the first thing we will do is separating the salt coarse marine in two parts to provide a suggestive color. We are only going to colorize the half, and so took the pound to a glass vial, where we leave 5 drops of blue dye. Close the jar and shake well so the color extends well regular signature. You can add want it. The other half will let it in natural color, so will make a nice play between the blue and white.
Now we add in each jar of each color, tablespoon and a half of Epsom salts and a tablespoon of baking soda. We also dropped half of drops of essential oils to each glass jar. Then shake well so that the components are distributed equally. It is very easy as you can see.
Now add the flowers of Roses (which must be very-very equal) and shake so that they mix well with salt.
Super, now is the time to catch a glass jar big and beautiful where we will already put all bath salts. But yes, we combine them well to properly play with colors. You can put aside the salt blue and on the other side the white, or go by mounds a on top of others creating some beautiful waves. Sure that you out wonderfully.
Remember that the salts are perfectly preserved for a long time, but however, essential oils are preserved only about 3 months, so you should use them quite often. I have finished. Let us hope that enjoy both making your own bath salts, such as using them in the bathtub. are magnificent, ecological and economical! How to resist?
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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