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Home remedies for skin whitening

You have turned off, with spots and lifeless skin is really a nightmare, no matter our age or the time of year. If you are looking for beauty tips to be able to clarify your dermis, please do not hesitate to read this article, where you will meet the best home remedies for skin whitening.

Home remedies for skin whitening

1- Beautiful skin all year round:

Without a doubt, women want to have beautiful skin 365 days a year, completely "porcelain", uniform, unblemished, unwrinkled, without Granite, free of imperfections, leaving aside age, exposure to the Sun, etc. So we can take advantage of the benefits of mother nature and assemble our own "first cosmetic aid" Kit to remove the dark parts of our skin, especially the face.
Stains of the skin may be due to several factors, but above all, an exhibition to ultraviolet rays improperly or without first hydrating enough after going to the beach. Also due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or during the period, or by the passage of time.

2- Home remedies for skin whitening:

Lemon juice: is a natural and very effective product known for its properties to clarify skin by its high content of vitamin C, which is excellent for regulating the production of melanin. This substance is responsible for providing color to the skin. In addition, as the lemon contains citric acid, it helps in cell renewal. You must directly rub a slice of this super food on the face or the skin you wish to clarify. You can also embed a cotton with the juice and apply through the skin. Keep in mind that after treatment do not you go out that day. Take advantage of the weekend or a holiday for this purpose. Otherwise, your skin will stain further.

Home remedies for skin whitening

Onion: more specifically its juice, containing sulfur and vitamin C. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent ingredient to have healthy skin throughout the year. It should be used externally if you want to reduce wrinkles, spots or acne marks. In addition, it serves to stimulate the hair follicles, disinfect wounds and eliminate dandruff. Spraying an onion purple in the blender and soak a cotton, which you will have to apply to stains with this juice. Leave to Act 10 minutes and wash with cold water. Keep in mind that if the area is irritated you can experience true ardor. If it is unbearable, rinse immediately.
Vinegar: Apple Cider vinegar is one of our allies infallible remedies, both for health and beauty lists. This is because having a pH acid, excellent to be able to close the pores and at the same time to achieve a smooth and shiny skin. To apply, simply soak a cotton ball with Apple and vinegar placed on stains, leaving about 20 minutes and then wash with water cold.
Milk: surely you've heard that Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt, based their beauty routines in the use of fermented milk sour. Lactic acid baths are used to drag the dead skin cells, leaving it smooth and clean. In addition, it has excellent whitening properties, which help to achieve a uniform tone, restore the brightness and with periodic use blur small stains. You can do a "facial peel" using milk, by wetting a cotton in the liquid warm or temperate. Leave overnight and rinse the following morning.
Yogurt: its properties are similar to the milk, being a derivative, but it also allows you to disinfect, soften the pores and help in the healing and regeneration of the dermis, keep the moisture of the skin, etc. The milk enzymes serve to prevent skin infections as a bactericidal barrier. The application of yogurt for skin lightening is used as a mask. Well, wash your face with mild soap and water. Place a generous amount of yogurt dealing with fingers or a brush. Leave to act for 20 minutes and remove with warm water.

Home remedies for skin whitening

Cucumber: a typical image of beauty treatments is to use cucumber slices for eyes, because having lots of water, lies the eyelids. But in addition, the cucumber has lots of vitamin E and essential oils. This makes it an excellent ally when it comes to clear up the skin and let it really beautiful. It provides smoothness, removes stains and wrinkles. It is necessary to peel a cucumber and remove the seeds, process in Blender until a paste forms. Applied to the skin for 20 minutes and rinse. The results are almost immediate.
Aloe Vera: other ingredients that can never miss on a beauty treatment. And was, in addition to milk, the favorite of Nefertiti and Cleopatra to be always beautiful and radiant. Aloe Vera nourishing, whitens and hydrates the skin. Cut a stalk of Aloe Vera and extract pulp. Applies in the areas of the skin that you want to clear up and leave to act for half an hour, before removing with warm water.
Tomato: tomato juice offers a large amount of nutrients that are good for our skin, as for example A and C vitamins and proteins as well as lycopene, which reduces the action of the so-called "radical free". Mix a tablespoon of lemon with one of tomato juice and apply with a cotton ball in the face.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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