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5 best diets detoxification

The body is capable of eliminating toxins only, however there are certain foods that make this task difficult. Today we are more exposed to toxins from processed foods, marinated meats, canned foods, fast foods, among others. If we eat these foods frequently, our bodies are exposed to higher levels of toxins and this can lead to changes in metabolism, tiredness, constipation, swelling and even difficulty for weight loss.

1- The 5 best ways to detoxify your body:

5 best diets detoxification

Why detoxification is a good idea?

Detoxification is a constant bodily process. However, toxic substances build up in the body and threaten to create an imbalance in the immune system unless they are cleaned. All kinds of pollutants, as well as the processed food you eat, can block the body's system and prevent it from being efficient in go getting rid of these toxins. These toxicity levels increase the risk of diseases such as cancer.
The common effects of intoxication can cause illnesses such as fatigue, stains on the skin, muscle aches, indigestion, or bad breath. These symptoms are indicative that the vital organs in the body are not functioning at an optimal level, and may be appropriate for you to take out a detoxification diet to restore balance in the system, improve health, and even increase energy levels in the body.

First steps:

Good health is a gift. Therefore, that caring for your body is essential if you want to enjoy life. Choose to initiate a change through the observation of healthy practices, can help your immune system. From time to time, it is essential to clean the body to increase vitality and improve health. A detox diet can do just that.
To undergo detoxification, it is advisable to use only organic foods. Generous helpings of fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking plenty of water to hydrate the body. You can also take supplements to aid in the detoxification process.
However, there are certain foods that should be avoided, since they can interfere with or somehow does not contribute to the goal of detoxification. Avoid medications (if you can do it), and tobacco, eating foods processed or refined flour, sugar, and canned products, and reduces the coffee and alcohol. Try to avoid or reduce stress, Detox diets are a holistic approach and any change in lifestyle can completely alter the objectives of a detoxification diet to cleanse and rejuvenate.

5 best diets detoxification

2- The 5 best Detox diets to choose from:

The essence of a detox diet is mainly to help the body's ability to get rid of toxins that accumulate. How to avoid and totally eliminate food and factors containing potentially hazardous products, is a common thread that runs on all diets detoxification. Food intake is controlled from small meals to complete fasting. Consult your doctor before starting a detox diet is always a wise decision.
Below are 5 Detox diets to choose from:, which can be implemented at any time of the year.
1. The lemon Detox - this diet was invented by Stanley Burroughs 60 years ago. Also known as the Master Cleanse, which consists of drinking the juice of lemon, maple syrup organic pure, pure water and cayenne pepper for a period not less than 10 days. If you want to practice this regime, however, you must be prepared for frequent visits to the bathroom. See the procedure of the diet here.
2. Diet Detox with fruit - according to its creator, Jay Robb, wash the excess weight and toxins, in three days, is possible eating only natural foods. This three-day plan requires a specific amount of fruit that is taken every 2 hours to maximize the system, keeping stable blood sugar levels.
3. Diet "The vineyard of Marta" - designed by the effectiveness of the medicine, this program removes all acidic foods to help the body eliminate toxins that accumulate. Supposedly alters the pH balance of the body to its ideal alkaline State.
4. Diet detoxification of the Colon - constipation is a sign of an overburdened colon which need to be addressed immediately. This detoxification regimen may take seven to ten days. Consume much juice from fresh vegetables, soups and water and use natural laxatives or enemas. Like any other diet, the excess can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. The benefits of this diet: the promise of a level of improved energy and a healthy immune system.
5. Diet of raw food - created by the nutritionist Natalia Rose, this program allows for flexibility in the transition to raw foods at the pace of the participant. An important aspect of this program is the combination of food, choosing Quick combinations that lead to the improvement of the digestion, encouraging consumption high in fruits and vegetables. However, unlike a typical vegetarian diet, this unique program allows healthy animal products, as well as the chocolate, to remedy the deficiencies found commonly in diets crudi-vegan.
Persons suffering from certain conditions of health such as anemia or diabetes, or pregnant and lactating women should avoid Detox Diets and should consult with their physician to obtain safer alternatives.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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