Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Properties of chickpeas

It's one of the main ingredients of the cuisine of East and Middle East and contains many nutrients, including fiber, proteins and vitamins. This legume can be achieved it in shops or markets in the form of whole grains (raw or cooked) or as already processed flour. Get to know some properties of chickpeas, an element that can be used for dozens of different dishes.

Properties of chickpeas

1- Chickpeas nutrition facts:

A portion of 100 grams of chickpeas cooked without salt gives us carbohydrates (creators of energy), (good for the heart and digestive health) dietary fiber, proteins and fats, but also the chickpeas offer composition vitamin A, B6, C, E and K, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and sodium.

2- Two main benefits of chickpeas:

To contain dietary fiber, chickpeas are used to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in blood, but at the same time, is good to reduce blood pressure and the amount of triglycerides. Then, you can reduce the risk of heart attacks, heart disease and stroke.
On the other hand, its components are excellent to promote digestive health, increasing the size of the stool. For example, if you have diarrhea, there is nothing better than a dish of chickpeas to stabilize and strengthen the bowel. At the same time, it helps to prevent and treat the hemorrhoids.

Properties of chickpeas

3- Other advantages of using chickpeas:

People who have anemia iron deficiency (due to problems in the amount of iron), can eat chickpeas to increase your levels of iron, one of the main components of this legume. Also recommended for those who practice a lot of sport and have a great wear of that ore due to physical activity.
Chickpeas are also a great source of potassium, being very good for improving circulation, regulate blood pressure and it is recommended for those who suffer from hypertension. It serves to prevent rheumatic diseases or arthritis, as well as cramps.
Diabetics can consume chickpeas and take advantage of its benefits, because due to his great contribution of zinc, it allows the body absorb and store insulin. This element is good for the growth of the organism, to increase the immune system, heal wounds and metabolize proteins. It helps to combat fatigue and is in charge of transport vitamin A to the retina of the eye.
Those who have problems with bowel movements, can eat chickpeas, because they contain a large number of fibers. They are used to control obesity and prevent colon cancer.
Thanks to the folic acid containing this legume, it is very good for women who are pregnant or nursing. You can help people who smoke or drink alcohol to better absorb vitamin B9.
Finally, found that vitamin K of chickpeas served for a better blood clotting and bone metabolism.

Properties of chickpeas

4- Simple recipes with chickpeas:

So you can incorporate the large amount of nutrients that have chickpeas, tests the following recipes:

Hummus: the best known recipe Arab which is chickpeas. Add a cup of cooked chickpeas, two cloves of chopped garlic, cumin, olive oil, chopped parsley, salt and the juice of a lemon in a bowl. Add a little water and crushed. When a paste is now ready. To serve, pour more olive oil and paprika. Pitta (or Arabic) is eaten with bread and is a delicious starter.
Balls of chickpeas (falafel): Place in a container a cup of chick peas and let them all night. Cook until it boils. Apart blend an onion, two cloves of garlic, cilantro, pepper, cumin and paprika. Pour the chickpeas and grinds with the mixer. Leave in the refrigerator an hour. Take small amounts and form balls, then fried in vegetable spray.
Patties of chickpeas and polenta: Cook chickpeas and get a puree. Boil water and salt and prepare the polenta. When it is almost ready, add the puree of chickpeas. Add grated a carrot and onion. Let cool and placed in a tray for 1 hour. Put hamburger-shaped and then cook with a little vegetable oil or in the oven.
Try this easy and useful homemade recipe. Your comments will highly appreciated.


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