Monday, November 23, 2015

How to create a harmonious home

Our home is a very important site. It is where we feel comfortable and secure, sharing a great time with our family. However, it is very important that our home is pleasing, is clean and have harmony. To achieve this there are different ideas that can be of great help. Therefore, that you say then how to create a harmonious home.
For this we have with Feng shui. It's an aesthetic system of Chinese origin which is based on the Taoist doctrine to improve the lives of people. Its origins are very old and it is currently considered one of the best proposals to decorate and organize our home, in such a way to help us feel better.

How to create a harmonious home

1- Have a good protection:

A recommendation that makes Feng shui is that our home should have a good protection of following him. This means that our home should have a mountain, another house or a building back so we feel much more safe and secure.

2- Space in the front:

It is important that our home has space on the front. It would be best, if it is possible, having a patio or garden opposite the main entrance. Also operate a park or a square. In any case you need space, enabling us to have the feeling of spaciousness.

3- Pay attention also to the sides:

Besides a back guard and amplitude in the front, it is very important to take care of our home sides. In this case, it also requires that there is a protection, such as a building or another House. In this way we will achieve a stable and well built harmony. As an armchair, our home you also need side supports.

4- It always seeks protection:

Therefore, it is not advisable to have a home at the top of a mountain or on the top floor of a building. This is because, as we said, these places have no protection anywhere. In a nutshell, our home should always be surrounded by protection.

How to create a harmonious home

5- Be careful of the surroundings:

In addition to giving us protection, must take care of around the House because the things that there can have a negative effect on the harmony of our home. You must pay close attention to objects such as electric poles, antennas, cables, etc. that can produce a negative energy. Also take care of the trees that are in front of your home. They should not impede the passage or cover the entrance. The branches should not threaten the home.

6- The door:

He cares very well the door of your home, since it is one of the essential points of the same. Tries to keep it in good condition always: painted, varnished, visible, with a couple of plants on the sides to make it look better. Remember that the door is the "face" of your home, so it should look spectacular and attractive.

7- The interior also features:

According to feng shui, the internal road that leads to our home should be curved and sinuous and not straight. Also, this path must be free of any obstacles, such as trees or plants, since otherwise they would be a source of negative energy for our home.

8- Beware of mirrors:

Although you can have mirrors inside the House, it would be better to be in covered places. I.e. If you have for example a mirror in a room, we recommend to place it on the inside of the closet so only so it is visible when you need it and the cabinet door is open. When you no longer use it, the door closed will prevent it look.

How to create a harmonious home

9- Don't forget to clean and sort:

One last very important tip is to keep our home clean and tidy at all times. It is very important that there is no dirt or bad smells, as well as things watered throughout our House. Each one of them should go in place, that we must clean frequently. Of course, it is not becoming an obsessive cleaning. Only we must maintain in good condition inside our home. This will help us to feel much more comfortable, happy and safe.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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