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Natural remedies for tinnitus

What are the tinnitus? Well the tinnitus are nothing more and nothing less than the hum or noise in the ears; but we are not here to give the concept of the word as such, we are here to expose a series of treatments or aid against the same, as there are many people that suffer from this type of pathology. Many are their causes, but as there are a variety of causes, there is also variety of cures and as always in our articles, we opted for the natural remedies. Below you will find a number of natural remedies for the ringing in the ears.

Natural remedies for tinnitus

1- Home remedies:

Home remedies are based mainly on a series of natural treatments, which are very effective to treat any type of medical condition or illness that you have daily. Many people resort to this option even before going to the doctor, but we always recommend visiting your doctor's confidence.
Taking daily two tablespoons of brewer's yeast, but before taking them, mix it with juice from a tomato.
Cut a lemon into small pieces, add a spoonful of honey and three tablespoons of sunflower seeds, put all to warm up in half a liter of water. Stir all of ten minutes, strain and keeps the fluid in an airtight container (preferably glass); baby two cups a day for approximately two months.
Take a rag and coils iron to warm it up, and then put it on the ear where you feel the buzzing, until this pass or cool the rag.
Prepare an infusion with leaves of ginkgo Bilbao and drink it to replenish three times a day. This will serve to increase the irrigation brain and decrease the ringing in the ears.
Apply 3 or 4 drops approximately of castor oil in the affected ear once a day; then to apply them cover the ear with a cotton swab. This treatment should be maintained with applied once a week or every ten days.
Performs washed daily nose with cold water and that this a bit salty (1 or 2 grains approximately of salt dissolved in a glass of water). This will stimulate the blood supply.
Pressing the depressions behind both lobes and the jaw directly below the ears. Do the above for a few minutes.
In case of clogging of the ear, prepares a mixture with 100 grams of pure olive oil first cold pressure, ten ( 10 ) grams of flowers of mullein, five ( 5 ) grams of chestnut Indians, three ( 3 ) drops of essential oil of thyme.Put all in a bottle with a wide neck and pour the oil slightly warm, stir at the same time; after the foregoing leave it to the open air with a gauze pad for three weeks and shake it every day.
Spent the whole time previously appointed, comes to strain and add the essence; when this packaging apply 4 drops in the affected ear, before going to bed.
Macerated 2 and-a-half tablespoons of seeds of fenugreek or fenugreek in 3 cups of cold water for eight hours; when this time has passed, removes a bit and throw it, then baby a cup.
Pour a spoonful of penny royal in a cup of water that is boiling; takes two cups a day until you feel much better. This treatment not only help in the case of ringing in the ears but that also serves against the states of anxiety, nervous states, palpitations of the heart and cases of vertigo.

Natural remedies for tinnitus

2- Recommendations:

Adopts a diet high in fiber and low in fat, especially include foods that contain magnesium and much potassium; these foods improve circulation and reduce the hum annoying.
Try not drinking coffee, and alcohol, these help to produce strange sounds in the ears.DO NOT enter your fingers in your ears! OR any sharp object in case feel the ear plug welds, this can plugged more, cause infections or injuries.
If you think that the hum has origin in your stress, seeks to practice relaxation techniques.
Always exercise, especially sports soft; in this way will keep your blood flow active and this will prevent the hum.
Last but not least important; you go to a specialist when the buzzing is very persistent for you to find out the cause of the same.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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