Thursday, November 12, 2015

Natural remedies for swollen eyelids

Swollen eyelids are not just a cosmetic issue. In fact, are a reflection that the kidneys and liver are usually overloaded. Many people suffer from them in the morning, waking up, but others have them usually it which gives them a look sickly and tired.
In this article, you will learn some natural remedies to combat swollen eyelids and also some recommendations to help balance the kidneys and liver.

Natural remedies for swollen eyelids

1- Overworked kidneys:

With poor nutrition, excessive fat and fried foods, the kidneys are overloaded and the body can not eliminate excess fluids from the body, causing retention in different parts of our body, such as the legs, face or eyelids. When you lift yourself one day with swollen eyelids we recommend that during the morning to consume only broths, onion, until the body can eliminate excess fluids.
To prepare it, you can boil two onions in one liter and a half of water for thirty minutes and let stand for another 10 minutes. It is preferable not to add salt, but that you could add a splash of sea water, that despite having a salty taste helps us regulate the fluids of the body through all the minerals it contains. Seawater can be purchased in health food, dietary, and some supermarkets.
This broth also you could add celery, and another alternative would be infusions of ponytail, which also has a very powerful diuretic function.

2- Overloaded liver:

In some cases it is the liver which is overloaded, and since our bodies are all related among them, this causes that the kidneys have to work harder and that therefore ultimately also the eyelids will end up swelling. For this reason we recommend that you regularly spend a day to debug the liver. We suggest a menu for a day of cleaning the liver, you can do once a week, a month, or when feel the need:

In fasting: a glass of warm water, the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
Breakfast: Smoothie fruit with vegetable drinks, dried fruit, Brewer's yeast.
Mid-morning: infusion of Thistle and dandelion optionally sweetened with stevia
Lunch: Green Salad with avocado, brown rice, lentils
Late Middle: infusion of Thistle and dandelion optionally sweetened with stevia. Apple baked with cinnamon and honey
Dinner: cream of vegetables with oats and tortilla
It is important that dinner early, since the late dinner contribute to overloading the liver.

Natural remedies for swollen eyelids

3- Cucumber slices:

Cucumber, both consumed as applied, is a great diuretic, ideal for whenever we suffer fluid retention. In addition to consuming the cucumber salad or juice we recommend lie thirty minutes with two slices of cucumber on your eyelids. After fifteen or twenty minutes you can remove you and wash your face with cold water.

4- Raw potato:

Raw potato is a great anti-inflammatory, and if we don't have cucumber can also choose to put us two slices of raw potato eyes closed for at least 20 minutes.

5- Chamomile tea bags:

Another remedy for place on the eyelids for a while, which also helps to decongestant the eyes when we have them reddened and irritated, is the take the tea bags of Chamomile have already been used, place them in the freezer and apply them to our eyes closed when already are well cool. In addition, the pleasant sensation helps us to relax late in the day.

Natural remedies for swollen eyelids

6- Drink plenty of water:

Let us not forget that the best way to remove fluid and help the kidney is drinking water throughout the day. Only we must remember that it is essential that the water is not cold and we drink it outside meals, because if not it would have the opposite effect and could be harmful. If it costs us drinking water we can add a bit of lemon juice and stevia, so it will be a much more palatable lemonade.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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