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Dissolve stones in the kidney with the rompepiedras

The rompepiedras or chancapiedras (as it is known in some countries) is a wild herb, used since hundreds of years ago by different civilizations to dissolve kidney stones. In this article you will learn how to dissolve stones in the kidney with the rompepiedras, an ancient home remedy.

Dissolve stones in the kidney with the rompepiedras

1- Characteristics of the plant "rompepiedras":

This wild plant is adapted to any kind of soil to 3 thousand meters above the sea level. It is very abundant in the rain forests or tropical areas, such as Bahamas, Amazon, southern India and China. It has been used since several generations ago by their power to dissolve or remove the stones, both kidneys and bladder.
The plant has no more than 60 cm high and the fruits are 3 mm in diameter. In that small size is "hiding" all properties. The history of the rompepiedras in natural medicine is quite long, is used in South America and Asia, and has other uses, such as for example, diseases of the liver (such as jaundice), reduce bacterial prostatitis and cystitis and urinary tract infections. It is recommended for diseases of sexual transmission, hepatitis, tuberculosis, colds and flu (among other viral diseases). At the same time, the plant chancapiedras is used to reduce the symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure and anemia.
The powers of this wild herb have been studied and analyzed by scientists from around the world. Traditional Chinese medicine recommend it as hepatoprotective, especially in people who have had hepatitis B or cirrhosis.
The rompepiedras is consumed in the form of tea or infusion. In a liter of boiling water will take about 40 grams of dried plant. Then allowed to cool and strain. The taste can be somewhat bitter, so it is advisable to sweeten with a little honey. In the case of kidney stones, it is advisable to consume three cups of tea per day for a month followed, although the stones have been expelled. The same is for patients with bladder stones.

2- More benefits of the plant rompepiedras:

Beyond that have a name that tells us that use serves a unique purpose as it is to dissolve gallstones, the truth is that this herb has many properties, as it has already been able to read and worth eating it to avoid or reduce and even to cure various diseases.
The main advantages of the "rompepiedras" is to eliminate all kinds of obstructions that may appear in the urinary tract, eradicating completely the stones, or stones. But it also allows you to:

 reduce inflammation and spasms
 It increases urination (recommended for those who suffer from kidney failure)
 It relieves all types of pain, especially in the lower abdomen (as for example in women at some stage of their menstrual cycle)
 reduces fever (should not be given to children under five years old)
 protects and cleanses the liver
 It has a light, but diuretic laxative effect of great power
 kills viruses and bacteria
 eliminates worms from intestine
 It reduces blood pressure, blood cholesterol and sugar levels
 helps digestion.

Dissolve stones in the kidney with the rompepiedras

3- How do the rompepiedras grass consumed?

Depending on what you want to relieve or the property that we seek to take advantage of is that we need a different outlet. It is good to know that the plant rompepiedras is used in its entirety, since both stems, flowers, roots and fruits are medicinal.
 In addition to indicated for stones in the kidney or bladder, pay attention to the proportions for each Pathology:

In the case of certain types of cancer, it can reduce the progression of the disease and help better through the effects of chemotherapy. For this reason, it is advisable to consume an infusion made with 40 grams of plant (dried) in a liter of water. Drink three cups per day.
For those who have high cholesterol, make a decoction with leaves and drink twice a day.
For those who suffer from colic, cooking the root and drink which can be every day when there is a picture of pain or discomfort. Ditto for those who have been diagnosed to liver diseases.
Diabetics should make a decoction of the entire plant and drink twice a day, the first in fasting and the second at bedtime.
For hepatitis, make an infusion with 20 roots of rompepiedras in two liters of water, leave to boil half an hour. Wait for it to cool down or warm up and drink all day until the yellow color of the skin.
For patients with urogenital infections, they must make a decoction of the entire plant and drink three cups daily for four weeks. Ditto for cases of lithiasis, nephritis, and malaria.
If you want to take advantage of the diuretic properties of the plant, it is recommended to prepare a tea with a handful of fresh leaves per liter of water and drink a glass before each main meal.
This plant can also be used topically (external) when there is inflammation in the eyes. In that case, you should grind well the plant complete with five drops of essential oil of Castor. Place one drop in each eye in the morning and at night.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.