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How to avoid eating "out of boredom"

Insurance has been that if you don't have any activity to make, it strikes you hunger. The same is true when you are watching television, for example, without date, you eat some food. You will go to the refrigerator more often when you are bored than whenever going you wonders. Learn how to avoid eating out of boredom, something very common and dangerous, in the following article.

How to avoid eating "out of boredom"

1- Eat when we are bored:

You've put to think ever why they give you more eager to eat when you are not doing anything? You go to the fridge, you check to see what you can eat, can you check the cupboards or shelves. And you do not satisfy with a fruit or a yogurt, but they want something more substantial, such as a chocolate, dessert, a slice of bread with butter or some potato chips. I.e., not you choose never (or almost) what is healthy or do not have as many calories.
It is likely that when you're bored is when you suffer more cravings for that which you are prohibited or barred. You have to know that you only turn to food because you are looking for how to fill a void, that feeling that you need something to be full.
Then, why they overeat more when you're bored when we entertained? According to the strict definition, eating is to food in order to meet the vital functions, however, in those cases, we are exceeding the amount required by our body. Is that unlike other creatures, humans have the habit of eating even when we don't have hunger, just for the pleasure we generated by this Act.
Then, the food is more than a biological necessity. If marketing, inducing us to consume different things all the time, you add to that the fact is that we will have more incentives to do so.
On the other hand, it is more likely that we eat when we are bored, that philosophy is a State of weakness, tiredness, or nuisance, related to free time and leisure. We believe that doing nothing is bad and therefore we need to fill that void, that error.

2- How to avoid eating when we are bored:

The next time you have idle time (if you have the happiness to enjoy it), you can avoid eating, unless your body is really asking food. Do not swallow food without thinking or paying attention to something else. Change your attitude and habits to make you feel much better. Follow these steps to avoid eating alone out of boredom:

It carries a daily:

In it you will need to register all your intakes and if you have that information, including the amount of calories consumed. Don't forget to schedule.

It recognizes what your eating patterns:

Do match your meals with the moments that you don't do anything, like for example when you finish with the household or returning from school? Is there a particular time where you eat more or where are you boring?

How to avoid eating "out of boredom"

Determines if you are really hungry:

To realize this, get a scale from one to ten, still lower than the number not having hunger and the highest that you are starving. If your score is seven or more, eat. If it is less, wait a little more to really be hungry.

Find other tasks:

If you think that being without doing anything is wrong or you would like to take advantage of better weather, so search interests that have their reward, as for example, view to the park with your friends, read a book, clean the House, do exercise, speaking by phone with your grandmother, ordering your room, salt of shopping, etc.

Get an activity where your hands are busy:

It can be manicure, writing, playing a musical instrument, knitting to crochet, make crafts, sewing clothes, take care of the plants, etc.

Concentrate mas:

If you feel that you are hungry because you are looking at the ceiling, do something that requires greater focus, e.g., study, do homework or read something difficult to understand.

How to avoid eating "out of boredom"

Go out for a stroll:

So you have fewer temptations and the kitchen will move away from you. But be careful because abroad there are shops where they sell food too, so the best is that you do not take money. The forward should start to disappear with exercise.

Avoid buying some food:

As I said before, when we are bored we eat things greasy, sweet, or with many carbohydrates. Then, if you know that they will attack you want to eat some potato chips or chocolate cookies, do not buy them. Instead, it prefers something more healthy as fruit or cereal bars.

It avoids food out of the kitchen:

Nothing to take some snacks to your room or the room. Come always in the appropriate table, either in the kitchen or in the dining room. Avoid also eat on the couch while sights television.

Don't spend so much time between meals:

In addition to the four main intakes (in descending order of breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner), adds two small collations, one mid-morning and another to media later. So you won't have so much hunger.

You eat what satisfies you:

It can be a slice of watermelon or a stalk of celery, because both contain enough water and are low in calories. You will feel more satiety and not on an empty stomach.

How to avoid eating "out of boredom"

Drink more water:

When you feel that you are hungry, perhaps you are thirsty. So, it is permitted that andes around the House with a bottle of water to hydrate yourself.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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