Monday, November 16, 2015

Home remedies with lemon

Exciting lemon flavor with incredible therapeutic powers, a fruit admired since ancient times due to its many properties and acid and refreshing taste that accompanies a wide range of meals. Already in the 17TH century the English sailors loaded their ships with lemons to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by a severe lack of vitamin C.
It is an excellent cleaner of our body, eliminates toxins and us cleanses, is undoubtedly one of our best allies for health, a friend that we should always have at our table and that tree that everyone should be able to plant in our garden - or on our balcony. Do you think if today give a small review all those possibilities that offers simple and economic way lemon? Here we go.

1- Benefits of the consumption of lemon:

Home remedies with lemon

Cardiovascular System:

It is a great ally in situations or States of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, it helps eliminate fat freeing up any obstacles to the proper circulation of the blood, by dissolving the toxins from our body and blood plasma. Ideal no doubt start the day drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach.

Liver, intestine and gall-bladder:

It stimulates bile secretions and helps us to better metabolize fats. It is a no doubt indispensable in all those suffering from the liver and gallbladder, reinforcing the purifying and protective function of the liver.

Fevers, colds and throat inflammations:

Thanks to its vitamin C and its antiseptic properties is perfect to solve States of hoarseness, tonsillitis and any medical condition of the respiratory tract. Perfect for example if we drink a glass of water warm with honey.

It increases our defenses:

Its nutritional conglomerate based on vitamins C, B, E and its multiple minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus make one fruit rather than Super lemon to boost our immune system and increase our white blood cells.

It improves the rheumatism:

Thanks to its properties in resolving toxins, it is really suitable for rheumatism and even drop States: resolves crystals and any impurity and relieving the discomfort of the patient.

2- Home remedies with lemon:

Home remedies with lemon

Remedy for diarrhea:

It's perfect when we have a non-infectious diarrhea; simply take the juice of 3 lemons diluted in a litre and a half of water mixed with a little sugar and a pinch of salt. This is a simple oral serum, with which you can stay while the lemon you will heal with its astringent properties.

Remedy for hypertension:

Daily consumption of lemon juice very properly regulates our tension. It is proven to start the day with a simple juice of this fruit (a lemon squeezed into a glass of water), it is perfect for debugging our body and help regulate our circulation and stress.

Remedy for infections of the mouth and throat:

Lemon has antibacterial properties, prevents the colonies of batteries and increases our defenses.
Don't forget to then include the vitamin C in lemon if you suffer any of these conditions.
Remedy to calm the nerves and sleep better At night, it is ideal to take a tea with lemon flowers. Just put three of them in boiling water and let stand a few minutes.

Remedy for weight loss:

It is usual to start each morning with a simple shake that is going to provide the nutrients needed to start your day with energy and arrive in good condition until the meal: grab a low-fat natural yogurt, a layer of pineapple and lemon juice, and take it to the blender. Shake you get is simply delicious and filling.

Remedy to relieve digestive problems:

Take a cup of tea of lemon leaves after the lunch and dinner. You will feel the relief.

Home remedies with lemon

Remedy for cough:

It warms a little honey and added the juice of one lemon together with half a glass of warm water. See drinking slowly. Are also often used the garlic cloves, in this case you'd have to cut two of them in half and put them to soak a few hours with the juice of a lemon; Maybe that the flavor seems rather strong, but eating these garlic lemon-flavored chips are super for cough forward.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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