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Fiber foods for weight loss

Only a little bit of fiber is needed to begin to lose weight without altering drastically everyday foods. It is not essential to make a diet based on it, the only thing that is required is to begin to enter it.
Many people think that the only benefit it brings with it is the fact to act as a satiating natural. However, it is effective due to the role it has to absorb sugars and fats, which reduces the cholesterol.

Fiber foods for weight loss

1- Include fiber in your diet:

Fiber helps considerably to the intestine, decreasing the absorption of fat and therefore calories in the body. In this way, prevents heart disease, diabetes, constipation, fluid retention and colon cancer.
Therefore, it is healthy to consume 20 to 25 grams of fiber per day. Different foods contains it, such as grains, fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to check the nutrition labels to check the amount of fiber including, in this way, choose the most abundance contain.

2- How do you begin?

Necessary slowly increase the amount of fiber in your daily diet to that you stomach is adjusting to it. At the beginning, you may experience cramping, gas or swelling in the stomach. However, if changes are made in small portions over a considerable period of time avoiding these problems. In this way, it is advised to introduce a food and after a few days or a week interfere one again.
It is children need to drink more fluids to time to increase the intake of dietary fiber. Take 2 liters of water will help but, if the person takes less than 6 cups a day, it is suggested that you add 2 cups more water. In this way, the fiber shall be treated in a better way in the body and this does not produce gas.
In this way, it is essential to increase the amount of fiber, choose a healthy menu based on the Food Pyramid. As well, be composed mostly in vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Fiber foods for weight loss

3- Tips to increase the fiber in the diet:

It is recommended to eat between 6 to 11 servings of pasta, bread, cereals, tortillas, rice and various grains in the day. You must choose at least 3 whole grains, trying to make sure that foods are:
Portions with 5 or more grams of fiber in cereal grain integer
Different grains such as barley, brown rice, quinoa, bulgar wheat, buckwheat.
Corn whole bean coffee, oatmeal, oat whole or wheat flour, which must be 100% in its entirety.
They should eat between 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. If you want to increase fiber, you must expand the variety of fruits and vegetables, use them whole and not in some other way such as juices, leaving them with peel. Also, you can eat dried fruit. Among the vegetables and fruits that contain a high fiber content are:

Green peas
Sprouts helps repel
Eat nuts and beans between 3 to 5 times a week. For example, in cup nuts are achieved 3 grams of fiber. You can get fiber cooked beans, which have 7 grams of fiber in half a cup. In this way, a way to include the beans in the meals per week, is to replace it or decrease the amount of meat in them. With regard to the walnuts, each have the facility to be added to salads, vegetables, or just eat them without accompaniment. Some of these foods are:

Bean red
Black Beans
Dry Peas
Lima Beans
Sunflower Seeds
You can also replace the white bread with whole-grain breads or cereals. It is recommended that you consume:

100% Of wholemeal bread
(Muffins) of wheat bran)
Cereals cooked, dried or multi-grain
Brown rice
At breakfast, you can eat cereal of wheat bran, reviewing always food labels to check the amounts of dietary fiber that provides each brand. This is due to the fact that some cereals contain less fiber.
As a last option, although this is the least recommended, you can take the dust or the pills of fiber. They provide fiber concentrated and can help prevent constipation. However, lack the additional nutrients that have whole foods.

Fiber foods for weight loss

4- Benefits of fiber:

Foods that contain fiber, does not have to be nasty. What is more, its preparation is varied, healthy and tasty to the palate. Next to this, it helps to prevent constipation, diverticular disease chronic and the hemorrhoids. In addition to nutrients, a diet that includes fiber has the ability to prevent and reduce the risk of numerous diseases.
For example, help with heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Also, served against the cancers of colon, rectal and stomach. On the other hand, help with type 2 diabetes and to maintain a normal level glucose in the blood, in addition to controlling the weight reducing calories.

5- Fiber Types:

It must be borne in mind that there are two types of fiber at the time of wanting to add it to the given. These two are in the food and need to be ingested in parties fair.
Soluble fiber: This prevents complications of the heart, the possibility of suffering from cholesterol and improves digestion. Some foods that possess are fruits such as oranges, strawberries, lemons and limes. Is Also in the oats, legumes and dried fruits.
Insoluble fiber: insoluble fiber is the one which causes a sensation of fullness and satiated. Between the food that they possess are the wheat fiber, vegetables, cereals, rice and whole grain breads and vegetables.

Fiber foods for weight loss

6- Precautions:

Although a diet rich in fiber benefits against the constipation, you should prevent ingest it if you suffer from diverticulitis, since some foods can cause the worsening of symptoms.
For this reason, it is advisable slowly increase the amount of fiber and, if they are gas or abdominal distention, is due to an excessive amount of fiber. Well, it is also recommended to diminish the portions consumed for a couple of days.
There is no need for a diet to lose weight. Including a little fiber in your daily diet helps to reduce the extra pounds without having to go hungry. In addition, thanks to that found in the majority of the food, the menu is varied, rich in nutrients and numerous benefits.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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