Tuesday, November 10, 2015

8 benefits of water that you didn't know

Surely you have already read and heard a million times that drinking water has many benefits for health, because our body is made up in large part by water. In general, the experts recommend drinking between 6 or 8 glasses of water a day, since this is in addition to keep us hydrated, also contributes to the smooth functioning of our body and even to the beauty of our skin and hair. In fact, the water is considered as the second most important thing and indispensable to live, after oxygen, as it plays a role in all processes of the individual life that is carried out in our body. Our body weight is made up to 2 thirds water.
A 85% of our brain is water.
A 22% of our bones are water.
A 83% of our blood is water.
A 75% of our muscles are water.
Taking into account that the water is essential to feel good, with energy and vital, below we give you to know the amazing benefits of water so that you sweeten to consume more than followed.

8 benefits of water that you didn't know

1- It contributes to weight loss:

Water is essential for losing weight, because it helps us to feel sensation of satiety and contributes to the smooth rate of metabolism. In addition, the water replaced the soft drinks and juices packed that tend to have a lot of sugar and calories. The water has no calories, no carbohydrates or sugar. When we drink water increase the metabolism and thanks to this we have better result in wanting to lose weight.

2- It is good for the kidneys:

For a proper functioning of the kidneys is necessary drink enough water. When we drink water, this helps to dilute the salts and minerals that the body form stones that pass through the urine. When a person does not drink enough water tends to develop kidney stones.

3- Benefits the brain:

The brain depends on the water to work efficiently and help us to think better. If you feel that the day is difficult and that apparently your brain is not functioning properly, your baby a bottle of water and you'll see that you'll feel a sense of well-being.

8 benefits of water that you didn't know

4- It is good for the health of the heart:

A study conducted by the Adventist Health Study found that women who drink more than five glasses of water a day can reduce up to 41% the chances of heart disease compared to those who only drink one or two glasses a day. Likewise, men can reduce up to 54% the risk of coronary heart disease if they drink more than 5 glasses of water a day. People who are at risk for heart disease, should drink water as a method of prevention.

5- Improves digestion and combat constipation:

The digestive system requires a certain amount of water to make a digestion in an appropriate manner. When a person drinks water frequently, you can reduce your problems of heartburn and intestinal problems. The water in conjunction with fiber is ideal for combat constipation, which often also is usually caused by dehydration.

6- Ideal for a skin radiant and healthy:

When we drink water we also helped to have a skin more healthy, radiant and youthful. Water plays a very important role in the hydration of the skin and also improves the elasticity. In addition, consume water favors the detoxification and purification of the blood, which is reflected in a face clean, clear, and with less acne.

7- It gives you energy:

One of the causes of fatigue during the day is mild dehydration. When we have a dehydration of "minor", we have more feeling tired, feel headache and we can remove the concentration. When we drink water, this helps the blood transport oxygen and boosts the level especially when we are well hydrated.

8 benefits of water that you didn't know

8- Regulates the body temperature:

Water is vital to regulate the temperature of the body, especially after having made physical activity, when you're sweating. As the sweat is evaporating, the body is cooled. When we lose too much water as part of the sweating, increases the risk of heat exhaustion, and it is therefore necessary drinking water to keep hydrated and have a better performance during the exercises.
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