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How does love change our health?

Being in love is one of the sensations more beautiful that exists. Have butterflies in the stomach, get nervous when we see that person, share pleasant moments, all that is really very good and not only for our emotional health, but also physical and mental. You know how modifies the love to our health? In the next article.

How does love change our health?

1- Love and health, complementary:

Beyond the happiness that can produce the love in a person, doctors and scientists have demonstrated by several tests than those found in couple have less chances of getting sick or well, it takes less time to recover.
Is that love not only helps us to be happy, safe and important, but has positive side-effects on health. This is due to an organic compound called phenylethylamine, which occurs when we are in love and that, apparently, has wonderful effects in every sense.
This feeling of butterflies in the stomach have a lot to do with this compound and appears when we see or think of the person so important, that we like or go mad. This "download" is good for the body, as it has desired effects on health. And not only in the interior, but also in the external or aesthetic, as the substance previously mentioned beautifies the hair, skin and nails, since it increases the amount of estrogen. If we think it has much to do with biology, because that always the objective professional is the playback. If we are beautiful, then the other also think and is more likely to be a continuation of the species, so to speak.
Returning to the estrogen, insurance already know. Are the female hormones whose responsibility is to train everything that relates to what is sexual, such as the breasts or the menstrual cycle. During the puberty is responsible for mature vagina, Fallopian tubes and uterus, also favors that grow the ducts breast or the occurrence of the menstrual cycles.
Another of the hormones that is released through the love is melatonin, also popularly known. This has the ability to reduce stress and avoid premature aging. It also provides a sense of vitality and fullness. Therefore, when we are in love we are and we are much better. Melatonin is a substance that is present in all our actions.
The third hormone released by falling in love with is the norepinefrina, which affects the mood and attention, that is why we are more sensitive to everything that refers to the other person. Is responsible for bringing to light our instinct of conservation and protection, but also to show feelings.
The agency also produces more dopamine, a analgesic natural that avoids which. If sums the fact that the immune system will be more strengthened, then, it is not surprising that not thou shalt catch or a cold while you're in the early stages of love.
And finally, the body releases more endorphin, which causes an overall feeling of well-being. The same thing that happens when you exercise, you hurt all the muscles, you'll be eliminating the tension and you'll have the ability to better withstand the pain or the wounds.
The good news is that the patterns are the same all over the world, since the process of love is the same in any country or region. No matter the time or the place, being in love you feel in the same way. What if you change is the cultural context, but on the biological level and mental, is identical.

2- Benefits of love to the health:

In addition to the above before thanks to the hormones produced and released, being in love produces other benefits for our health:

How does love change our health?

Improving your self-esteem:

The embellish, beware and lend more attention in order to please the other, our self-esteem also increases. Psychologists suggest that first you have to love yourself and then to be able to love someone, however, seems to be that falling in love has its merits in this aspect. The person will begin to dress better, makeup mirrors, to wash, to do their hair, exercise, eat healthier, etc.

Reduces depression and anxiety:

People who do not have couple, suffer more certain psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety. This can be seen in elderly people living alone, for example. Be in love with dramatically improves the mood and physical appearance, helping to turn on the thoughts and feelings that a person has of the world or in a particular situation.

It is medicine perfect:

Love serves to reduce inflammation, reduce the risk to suffer a heart attack, lowering cholesterol levels and improve significantly to patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes or cancer. Does not allow the virus we get sick, there is less chance of having low on the immune system or suffer some type of herpes.

Aid to sleep and rest better:

Sleep in the same bed that the person beloved is already sufficient to a dream more pleasant and without so many nightmares. The feeling of well being is such that "will sleep like a little angel" all night long. In the morning you'll wake up as new, because the nervous system will be rested and repaired as necessary. And you will be able to enjoy more energy and vitality throughout the day.

How does love change our health?

Increases the creativity:

Being in love makes us see the world differently. That happiness and fullness translates into greater imagination and capacity for creation. If you have a job where required constantly innovate, there is no doubt that you need to find as soon as possible to your average orange.
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