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6 ways to stimulate endorphins

Endorphin may be indispensable internal medicine that can help improve the function of the whole organism. They can be considered as 'happiness molecules', already a State of positive mood or perform certain activities can help to release these endorphin. Discover how to improve your stimulus and get that dose of daily happiness.
Endorphin are neurotransmitters produced naturally by the pituitary gland (central nervous system). They are responsible to produce feelings of well-being, since they fight the discomfort and reduce painful feelings.

6 ways to stimulate endorphins

1- How to stimulate endorphin:

Not only are neurotransmitters that cause us happiness, but it can also stimulate the endorphin. You then list 6 simple ways and practice stimulate endorphin, these can be through physical exercise, stimulation of Petting, laughter and the contact with nature, among other ways.

1. The physical exercise:

The improvement of the State of mind and therefore of self-esteem, is a key psychological benefit of physical activity regular. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphin. These endorphin interact with receptors in the brain that reduce the perception of pain. Endorphin also cause a feeling positive in the body, similar to the morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a career or training is often described as "euphoric". That feeling, known as "rush racer", can be accompanied by an energizing and positive attitude in life. Endorphin act as analgesics, meaning that they reduce the perception of pain. They also act as sedatives. Other parts of your body are produced in the brain, spinal cord, and many, and are released in response to chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. The neuroreceptores that endorphin are attached, are the same that unite some pain medications. However, unlike morphine, the activation of these receptors for endorphin in the body does not lead to addiction or dependence.

Regular exercise has shown:

Reduce stress
Protect the anxiety and feelings of depression
Increase self-esteem
Improve sleep

The exercise also has these additional health benefits:

It strengthens your heart Increases energy levels
It lowers blood pressure
It improves muscle tone and strength
It consolidates and strengthens bones
It helps to reduce body fat
Makes you seem fit and healthy

6 ways to stimulate endorphins

2. The strokes:

Hugs and kisses stimulate discharge endorphin, as well as pheromones, hormones that increase the attractiveness of the person and Captivate the couple. The combination of these two hormones produces a situation of intense pleasure, during and after the intimate relationship. Here is how a good hug, resulting in a good flow of endorphin, it affects:
Blood pressure, reduces especially help if you feel anxious.
Reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), which allows a better quality of sleep.
You can increase your social connections and a sense of belonging.
Because of these results, it is not surprise that studies have also shown that couples who embrace more are more likely to stay together. Some reports have even shown how hugs can reduce pain. There is only a question: has to be a good hug, which means, that it has to last for at least 20 seconds.

3. The laughter:

Laughter is regularly promoted as a source of health and well-being, but it has been difficult to specify exactly why the laugh until it hurts feels as well. The answer, advises Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary psychologist at Oxford, is not the intellectual pleasure of cerebral humor, but the physical act of laughter. Simple muscle effort involved in the production of the known, "ja, ja," he said, causing an increase in endorphin, chemicals in the brain known for its welfare effect. Simply outline a smile so that our body begins to secrete endorphin especially enkephalins.

4. The contact with nature:

Fills us with energy and good humor. The atmosphere that one breathes in nature, whether in the field or the charged negative ions Beach stimulates hormones of happiness. Harmonious stroll, where pure air is breathed quietly, without stirring, causes a decrease in thoughts of worry to the person. In a calmer State to generate well-being and that brings with it the segregcion of endorphin.

5. Massage, meditation and yoga:

Endorphin are segregated more readily and more when our mind is relaxed. It is highly recommended to practice relaxation through practices like meditation, yoga and tai-chi. Massage causes large welfare downloads, since nerve endings transmit the rubbing of hands over the skin to the brain by activating the secretion of hormones of happiness.

6 ways to stimulate endorphins

6. The melodic:

All enjoy listening to music, but if you just listen background, experts say that it will not work in the body and mind. To truly experience the music you have to actively listen not passively.
"If you hear music actively, this channels and trains certain actions in the brain, which I think are beneficial", said doctor Crookes, musician and Bariatric surgeon.
Studies show that music can help people who recover from pain and reduces the need for medications after surgery. Another study reveals that music can reduce the anxiety of the patients before surgery. The patients say that the power of music to alter your state of mind can be very beneficial. Music causes a major release of endorphin, getting a decrease in heart and breathing rate as well as an important muscle relaxation.
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