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Home remedies for flea bites

If we have at home a dog or a cat (or several) perhaps we have suffered more than once some sting, especially in the legs. To avoid this so irritating problem, don't hesitate to read the following article, where you will find the best home remedies for flea bites.

Home remedies for flea bites

1- What do fleas look like?

Before you learn how they treat the bites of these parasites that inhabit in domestic animals, it is good to know some of its features. This is an insect very small, a maximum of 3.5 mm, very jumping (up to 33 cm horizontally and 18 cm vertical) and difficult to catch. It feeds on the blood of mammals, especially animals as the cat or dog. Some people are more prone to flea bites. There are several explanations for this, such as blood type, body odor, etc.
Fleas have a strong body, by which survive to the nails of the animals and in addition, staying in places where they cannot be reached, such as behind the ears or head. In the people, usually chop them in the legs or feet, the sites closest to the ground.
When they bite a human being, it tends to provoke inflammation in the skin, which is worse if we scratch our continuously or do not keep sanitized. The first step to a bite is to wash the area with mild soap and water. Then dry with a cloth that does not remove particles. If we can not avoid the temptation to scratch, apply a gauze or a bandage, which must be removed several times a day. You do not scratch in the hive or in the surroundings, because nails contact with irritated skin can worsen the picture.

2- Natural remedies for flea bites:

The following recipes will help you to reduce the itching caused by a flea bite and prevent that you scratch and infected you the area.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a antiseptic very powerful, as well as a healing and soothing of wonders. Cut a stem or unsliced of aloe Vera in a horizontal manner and placed the part of the gel to take contact with the welt. Breadwinner with a gauze or tape for several minutes, as far as possible until the skin absorbs all the liquid. You'll experience a calm snapshot.


Tea common that you use in your teas can help you in the flea bites. You can use other types, such as black, green, lavender or chamomile tea. Simply prepare the infusion as if you were to drink, but instead, let it cool and then apply with a gauze or cloth on the welt. If it is in sachet, you can leave it directly on the skin.

Home remedies for flea bites

Medicinal Plants:

If you have at home a plant of basil or calendula, do not hesitate to use it to cure the inflammation produced by the bite of a flea. To do this, you have to crush some fresh leaves with a little water or essential oil and apply in the form of cataplasm.


Many are the properties of the oats for your skin and above all, you can use in case you have been bitten by a flea. How? Since taking a warm bath of oats. Place warm water in a bowl or fills the tub and then spread some tablespoons of oats. Immerse the affected area and leave a few minutes. This mixture will help to dry out the skin and prevent that you chop.


You will need a coco party by half. Removes the pulp and put it in the juicer. Use of this cream to be applied directly in the stings. Rub a little and then wrapped with a towel or a canvas, for an hour. Then, rinse with warm water. Repeat twice a day until the swelling goes away (it will take you no more than two days).

Sodium bicarbonate:

Put a spoonful of baking soda and a few drops of water in a bowl. Mix well until you get a paste. Applied to the skin where you've been bitten by the flea and let soak for 15 minutes before rinsing. Relieve immediately the sensation of itching.

Apple vinegar:

Another of the home remedies for flea bites is the apple vinegar. Mix in a glass one part vinegar to two parts of water and stored in the fridge. Leaves spend two hours and embed a gauze pad in the liquid. Take few drops on the sting. Leave to dry only.

Lemon Peel:

In a saucepan placed a cup of water and the peel of one lemon, put to boil for five minutes. Removed from the fire and let stand until cool. Then applied with a cotton swab or gauze in the sting. Will relieve the itching sensation in followed.

Home remedies for flea bites


The honey is antiseptic and very nourishing for the skin. You can apply a little honeymoon where you peak the flea, leaving that act a few minutes before washing with warm water. Another option is to mix four tablespoons of honey with two of lemon juice, heat in a saucepan and allow to cool until it is at room temperature. Apply the ointment on the bite, bra with a gauze and leaves an hour.
If you want to avoid that you nibble the fleas, don't hesitate to eat more raw garlic or make a spray of citrus aroma (for example with the lemon juice in a sprayer). And above all, keep your pet clean and free of those insects that suck their blood.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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