Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Affirmations for weight loss

I'm concentrating on mental methods, although not by this it fails to speak later of the other pieces of the puzzle of the perfect body. Because I do this? Because this is the part of the process of reduction of weight that nobody uses. There is a law of cure used in homeopathy, called law of cure of Hering, which "establishes that the cure is always performed" from top to bottom, from inside out and in the reverse order of their appearance "." If we start from the fact that obesity began with fat mental image picture about ourselves, this is the reverse of our "disease" and in oden out, first to correct the natural balance of our glands and then we got to the body (of outside-in)
 Having explained this very important part proceed with methods of mental makeover.

Affirmations for weight loss

1- PNL programmed your brain with affirmations to slim:

Your brain can be reprogrammed with new claims and thus changing the pattern of automatic responses such as anxiety of eating:
The following audio, uses brief psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy clinic and music therapy, to improve your emotional responses and create a new mental map with statements that reschedule the cause of the rise in weight, from its root. (saving special cases).

Music can help lose weight:

By line a general when we tried a change of lifestyle or start with a diet cannot affect the mood because of the restrictions to which we are exposed, not being able to eat certain foods that we think can help us to be in a good mood and the restricting certain foods that we commonly include in our diet, we see that it is no longer equal to have the same quality of humor than before.
But music can help us, and much, if we hear that we like, we relax and motivates us in moments of stress, this will help you make easier making a diet to decrease our anxiety levels and you can lose weight more easily.
Music can help increase serotonin and avoid that way that stress continues to rise in our day to day.

Affirmations for weight loss

The role of statements to help us lose weight:

The assertion by certain programs, you can help us to better focus our objectives and that way get easier to our goals. The idea of using statements for slim down is studied in some programs, such as NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, which can help us to better find the road to make claims for slimming d e effectively.
When managed to modify the way that you perceive the food and diet in your everyday life, only eat what they need, reducing the anxiety of eating foods that you should not and that are usually caused by the degree of stress that we tend to be submitted.
Try these easy and useful homemade tips.your comments will highly appreciated.


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